Error Codes for Home Appliances

Washers | Dryers errors


Dishwashers errors (other)

As time goes by, technology advances. The easier and more convenient to use it is, the more complex internal structure it has.

Home appliance error codes indicate malfunctions. Error codes make it much easier to identify faults in household appliances. It concerns anything: washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, microwaves, air conditioning etc. The electronic unit of a device identifies which part of the home appliance is defective. A displayed error code or light indicators can give direction to the repair work.

If you get the error code, you can cope with the malfunction much faster. Moreover, some electronics repairs do not require special skills. The fantastic self-diagnosing system is integrated into new appliances!

Each manufacturer provides a specific set of error codes. Also, they vary from appliance to appliance. On “” you can find various brand-categorized error codes for home appliances. The codes will be of great use to determine the nature of a fault in household equipment.