5D error code Kenmore washer

When a 5D error or similar Sud / SUDS error occurs on the display of the washing machine, the wash cycle is interrupted. This usually occurs at the stage of draining the water. But you need to keep in mind: users often confuse the letter S with the number 5. In fact, the system issues an SD code, but it is read as 5D.

5D Error: Description

Using the 5D error code, Kenmore washer reports an excess of foam in the drum. Increased foaming occurs in two cases.

  • The first reason is an overdose of detergent. An additional rinse can solve this problem without adding powder and conditioner. Sometimes the washing machine automatically goes into rinse mode to bring down the foam. If all else fails, run a cleaning cycle.
  • The second factor that causes the 5D error code is the choice of the wrong household chemicals. In modern machines, only special detergents marked HE can be used. Such products practically do not foam and require less water.

Reasons and Solutions

5D error is not necessarily related to foaming. It may indicate a problem with the drain system, bearing block or main module.

Problems with the drain system

Sometimes the 5D error code appears because the water leaves the drum too slowly. The most common causes are:

  • clogged / kinked hose;
  • filter contamination;
  • blockage or breakdown of the pump.

It is necessary to examine all the elements, remove dirt and foreign objects. If the pump fails, install a new one – then the 5D error should disappear. An inexpensive spare part without a filter costs about $ 20-30.

Hub wear

In vertical-loaded washers, calipers consisting of an o-ring, a support, an oil seal and a bearing are responsible for the movement of the drum. But they wear out over time, the ribs on the inside wear out. When the machine displays the 5D error code and is not entering the rotation cycle, the drive hub may need to be replaced. The price of the kit is approximately $ 16.

Control module

In rare cases, the 5D error code Kenmore washer displays for no apparent reason. If there is no foam and the water drains normally, the problem must be sought in the main board. The elements responsible for the operation of the washing machine may also be damaged. Only experienced craftsmen are able to find a malfunction, repair or replace a module qualitatively.

Author: David Hoover