5d error code Whirlpool washer

Did the washing machine stop without completing the cycle, and suddenly switch on the water supply. What’s the matter? In increased foaming. Because of it, the 5d error code appears on display: Whirlpool washer displays it as a signal about an excessive accumulation of soap solution in the drum.

5d error code Whirlpool washer

What is error 5d by caused?

It should be noted right at once: error code 5d is interpreted incorrectly. This is Sd. Users confuse the number 5 and the letter S due to their similarity on the electronic display. Some models display Sud, which is taken as 5ud.

These signals indicate that the device cannot drain water with foam excess. Therefore, the machine stops rotating the drum and automatically increases the rinsing time to remove excess soap cap. Moreover, it alternately changes the foam suppression modes:

  • active (poured water breaks the bubbles, and the foam disappears);
  • passive (equipment waits until the soap solution settles).

Moreover, the compliance does it like this until it finally knocks down the foam. If all is unsuccessful, it stops working, and error 5d and Complete Cycle light upon the board. In washing devices without a display, the temperature indicators light up, or the mode lamps blink.

What can you do independently?

  • Wait for 5 – 15 minutes until the machine copes with the problem, eliminating the increased foaming. After that, it will automatically start and continue the program.
  • Reset error code 5d, because, in some instances, it occurs due to a failure. To solve the problem correctly, you need to press PAUSE / CANCEL 2 times or POWER 1 time and then start washing.
  • Stop the washer and take out too voluminous, soft, and fluffy things. Then continue the cycle. Error 5d should disappear because the sensor responded to swollen wool.
  • Press POWER, drain water, open the drum, pull out the laundry, put a special cleaning tablet on the bottom, close the door and hold the PAUSE/CANCEL button for 3 seconds. After that, the equipment will enter the cleaning mode and do everything on its own.

If error code 5d appears without accumulation of foam, this indicates a failure of one of the subunits. In this case, the cardinal intervention will be required.

Faults and methods for their elimination

There are several factors on which the 5D error depends. It can be associated with powder, filter, foaming sensor, pressure switch, and control module. If the issue with detergent is easily solved (it is enough to replace it), then in other cases, you will have to work hard.

Clogged drain system

The main sign of this fault is not only error code 5d: Whirlpool washer with such a problem drains water very slowly or does not drain at all (even without washing powder). The solution is to clean the filter, hose, pipe, and sewage inlet. But before proceeding to the actions, unplug the cord, disconnecting the device. Check each element one by turns for blockages and plaque: rinse/blow and clean them. A filter for replacement costs $ 6.5–34 depending on the model, a hose – $ 5–38, in view of length and equipment.

Broken foaming sensor

Does error code 5d appear when washing without powder, and at any stage of any mode? This shows that you need to examine the foaming sensor, which could fail. Unscrew and replace it.

Damaged pressure switch

If the washing machine refuses to work immediately after switching on the selected mode, this is a sign of problems with the pressure switch. Sometimes equipment can stop in the middle of a cycle. The way out is testing with a multimeter to detect a malfunction and its elimination. In extreme case – reinstall the pressure switch. To get to it, interrupt the washing, take out the laundry, and unplug the equipment. A new subunit costs averagely $ 25.

Defect of the control board appeared

If none of the above helps and error 5d blinks on the screen, check the central module. Is visually everything normal? Examine contacts and tracks with a multimeter. Solder suspicious places, strengthen connections. Are burned dots or fusions seen on the circuit board? Replace the element: its average price is $ 160.

Author: David Hoover