Bosch exxcel washer error code e17

An E17 error in the Bosch Exxcel washing machine occurs when there is no water in the tank. In this case, the device refuses to start any washing program. So, now we’ll figure out why this problem occurs and how to fix it.

Bosch exxcel washer error code e17
Bosch exxcel washer error code e17

The reasons for the e17 error code appearance in the Bosch Exxcel washing machine

As mentioned above, the E17 error code in the Bosch Exxcel washing machine indicates that water doesn’t enter the tank. Thus, the washing process may not start. For some models of washing machines, this malfunction corresponds to the F17 error.

If the washing machine is not equipped with a display, determine this error by two lit-up indicators. It is about rinsing and spinning for 1000 turns ones.

It is necessary to find out the reason for the error occurrence. There are several of them:

  1. Repair of the filling valve. The E17 error code may appear on the screen due to the malfunction of this part. The failed valve does not allow water to enter the washing machine’s tank. It leads to the appearance of a message about the absence of water. Perhaps the valve is not open completely. In this case, water is gained, but the pressure is not enough to fulfill the needed amount required by the system.
  2. Repair of the pressure switch. The washing machine component handles the amount of water poured into the tank. In case of its malfunction, it becomes impossible to adjust the water level. In addition, the tank of an appliance can be filled with both large and very small amounts of water. Perhaps the water was not filled, but a faulty sensor signals about completed gaining. The point is that the system can start the heater. The element overheating leads to the complete failure of the part.
  3. Repair of the control module. The failure of the control card creates the risk for the system to receive an incorrect signal. You may need to fix or update the module.
  4. Replacement of the wiring. Probably, there was a disruption of the integrity of the system wiring. So, the signal of the washing process start does not reach the water supply valve. To solve the problem, you have to diagnose the system and identify the faulty wire or contact.
  5. Filter cleaning. The clogged filter prevents the device from water pouring into the system. As a result, the E17 (F17) error code appears on the display.

It is necessary to look for the cause of the error occurrence in the above-described order. Most often, this code appears on the display when the valve fails.

But when looking for a reason, first, you need to check out the simplest options. To start with,  you need to inspect if there is water in the water supply. What if there’s just no water? Also, check the water supply tap. The part is located in the place where the water inlet hose is connected to the water supply.

The fill valve failure

If the water pipe is in order, check the details of the washing machine. First, you need to disconnect the Bosch Exxcel washing machine from the mains. Then turn off the water supply and disassemble the water inlet hose. The filler valve is installed behind the hose.

It may be clogged. Wash the part with a stream of water and then set it back. Next, check the valve. Perform as follows:

  • Remove the top cover of the washing machine;
  • Measure the resistance of the valve coil using a multimeter;
  • Check the valve wires and their contacts.

If the part is out of order, replace it with a new one. For this, disconnect the wires and all the tubes fixed by the clamps. When buying a new fill valve, don’t forget to buy new clamps with which the pipes are connected.

If the E17 error in the Bosch Exxcel washing machine does not occur due to the fill valve, then check the water level sensor. This element is installed opposite the fill valve in the right corner. Inspect the tube and the contacts of the connection wiring. Next, you need to inspect the pressostat. Replace the defective part with a new one.

Breakage of the control module

Only in an extreme case do you need to start checking the control module. In Bosch washing machines, this part is repairable.

The control module fixing is better to entrust to a master. Especially if you haven’t tried to repair complex electronics before. This detail is quite expensive, so it’s better not to risk.

So, the E17 error in the Bosch Exxcel washing machine may appear for various reasons. Simple ones can be completely eliminated without professional help. But if there are some complex malfunctions, such as the breakdown of the electronic module, it is better to contact the specialists.

Author: David Hoover