Bosch washer error codes

Bosch washer error codes
Bosch washer error codes

Door (hatch) error in Bosch washing machine

What could be the reason that the hatch of the washing machine does not close?

In fact, there are various causes. They can be divided into two classes:

  1. mechanical damage. In this case, the door is not fixed at all, and a user doesn’t hear a characteristic click.
  2. problems with electronics. With this failure, the door closes, a user hears that the lock has worked. But the hatch is not blocked. Also, there is no the second click, which occurs when the hatch is closed by electronics.

In the second case, modern washing machines often show an error on the display. To protect users and their apartment, the unlocked appliance does not start a cycle of work.

Simultaneously, both mechanical and “electronic” breakdowns usually do not occur.

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Bosch washing machine electric motor errors

Any washing machine needs to rotate the drum. An engine is used for this purpose.

They are divided into:

  • collector
  • asynchronous
  • and the popular engines with direct drive:

Malfunctions of the collector:

  1. Damage and wearing out of brushes.

The smell of burning and sparking are the characteristic signs of a failure. In addition, a user notices power loss with a large load of laundry.

  1. Closure and breakage in the stator and rotor windings. It can’t work at all. Also, there are power reduction and temperature rise. It leads to the activation of the thermostat protection.
  2. Wearing out and delamination of the commutator bars.

Malfunctions of the asynchronous power drive motor, used in Bosch:

  1. It does not work at low speed / high speed
  2. Unstable operation (overheating and disconnection by a thermal fuse)
  3. Fuse or home network security device blowing
  4. High noise level (bearings-magnetism-drive belt)
  5. It does not start at low and high speed (buzzing sound)
  6. Sometimes you can not run the washing machine at high speed
  7. It does not start

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Bosch washing machine control system and electricity errors

Bosch manufacturer provides the possibility of eliminating minor breakdowns at home. In case of malfunctions, all models with electronic displays inform the owner. They make a special sound or show an error code. Knowing the basic codes, you simplify the task and speed up the process of equipment repair. In most cases, this information can completely eliminate the malfunction. In addition, it helps to prevent more complicated failures in Bosch washing machines.

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Other failures of sensors and parts of Bosch washing machine

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Author: David Hoover