Bosch washer error code e11

Water does not enter the machine or detergent is not washed away. Indicator light “spin” is lit and a display is flashing E11.

Bosch washing machine error code e11
Bosch washer error code e11

If the e11 error code appears on the display of the Bosch washing machine, check the following points:

  1. The tap of the water supply to the washing machine is blocked.
  2. Low water pressure in the water supply.
  3. The filter in the hose of the washing machine is clogged.
  4. The water supply hose of the washing machine is twisted.
  5. Aquastop® Hose safety feature is activated.
  6. Activation of the Aquastop system

The e11 error code of the Bosch washing machine has occurred due to the AquaStop and Leakage protection system activation

AquaStop and Leakage protection system are necessary to shut off water and turn off the device. It’s vital in cases of a rupture of a fill hose or leakage inside the washing machine.

The AquaStop system works as follows. The water inlet hose passes through an external one, which is wider. If the inner hose bursts or ruptures for some reason, water won’t flow to the floor, but to the external hose. After this, the valve at the inlet of the filling hose immediately closes the water.

Such a function means that there is a sensor in the washing machine bottom. If water gets into it when leakage occurs, the Aquastop system stops the water gaining. And the electronic control unit gives the command to drain it.

In rare cases, washing machines, equipped with protection against leaks, show false alarm of the water sensor. Thus, when the device is switched on, the drain pump immediately starts working. When this happens, the washing process does not start. The reasons for this can be either in the electronic control unit or in the sensor itself. One of the ways to solve the problem is closing the wires around the sensor.

How to clean the water filter in the washing machine

  1. Unplug the washing machine from the outlet.
  2. Close water supply so that it does not enter the washing machine. If you do not have a separate tap for the device, close the cold water supply in the entire apartment. As a rule, the crane is located next to the meters.
  3. Prepare a rag and a small basin of about one-liter capacity. Move the appliance away from the wall to get access to the hoses.
  4. Find the filler hose and start to turn it anticlockwise. When the hose starts to twist off easily, place a rag and basin under the hose, and turn it to the end. Some water will pour out of the part.
  5. Using tweezers or pliers, remove the filter and rinse it under the water. If you are blocking water in the entire apartment, direct the hose to a tub or sink and ask someone to turn on the water. Then, water will flow from the hose and you may wash the filter with it. After that, close water supply again.
  6. Install the filter in the washing machine.
  7. Screw the hose back by turning the internal screw clockwise. Tighten it with medium effort.
  8. Turn on the water and check that there is no leakage under the internal screw. If water flows, then you must have screwed the hose not by the thread or tightened it slightly. Close the water, remove and fasten the hose again.
  9. If the hose does not leak, switch on the washing machine.
Author: David Hoover