Bosch washer error code e32

If your Bosch washing machine has issued the e32 error code, do not panic. This error is not such a problem. As a rule, it occurs during the spin cycle of the laundry.

Bosch washing machine error code e32
Bosch washer error code e32

It means that the system, responsible for protection against unevenly distributed laundry in the drum, has triggered. All you need to do is open the door, put large and small things evenly, and then additionally run a new spin cycle.

A few tips on laundry loading in a washing machine Bosch

Let’s start with the question of how much laundry you can put in the drum. Remember, the minimum has the same importance than the maximum. The amount of things in the drum during washing determines the degree of vibration while spinning, and hence the period of trouble-free operation of the device.

In an automatic washing machine, you need to load at least 1-1.5 kg of dry linen.

Not all washing machines manufacturers specify this parameter. They state that it is better to put more into the device to save electricity. However, for some people washing three pairs of socks or one T-shirt is more important than saving. Unfortunately, it is not good for technology. The restriction of 1 kg is not an accidental figure. The point is that during spinning on at high speed, the laundry should be evenly distributed through the drum. It keeps the balance.

A few tips on laundry loading in a washing machine
A few tips on laundry loading in a washer

The unbalanced drum begins to vibrate with greater force. If the device does not belong to narrow models and installed qualitatively, the internal vibration remains. It can lead to microcracks. We hope that now you understand why it is essential to not to wash one pillowcase or some underpants.

Remember! It is necessary to not load too little things into the drum with large ones. For example, washing underwear with jeans is restricted.

In reality, we wash clothes and things that are more voluminous and have less weight. Besides, water absorbency depends on the density and composition of the fabrics. For example, imagine a sofa blanket. In dry form, it easily fits in an ordinary basin. But washing it in the bowl by hand will be difficult, almost impossible. It is much easier to wash it in a bathtub, which is several times larger than the basin.

The same happens in the drum of a washing machine. The larger the thing, the bigger the load and the volume taken by the drum. If you are going to wash coats, down jackets, blankets in a washing machine, choose the device with a larger load. It will wash your cloth better and more thoroughly. As a rule, a manufacturer indicates the load of laundry to a particular washing regime. Read more in the instructions to the appliance.

It is important to put wool in the drum least of all because it is the most voluminous thing that absorbs a lot of water. Do not load many synthetic and delicate fabrics. Otherwise, they won’t be washed well and will be too crumpled.

Nevertheless, the best things for washing are bed linen, cotton, and baby clothing. But it does not mean that the drum should be hammered more than required. The drum should be filled for ⅔ as only in this case the laundry will be washed and rinsed well. In addition, it distributes laundry evenly over the drum. It will not cause imbalance or poor spinning of the clothes. An imbalance can cause the device to stop. Also, an e32 error code will appear on the Bosch washing machine display.

How to Load Your Washing Machine Correctly

Author: David Hoover