Bosch washer error code f17

If your Bosch washing machine shows an F17 error on the display, the time for filling the tank is exceeded.

In fact, specialists express the fault as follows. You turn on the washing machine, start the program, but do not hear the sound of water gaining.

Bosch washing machine error code f17
Bosch washer error code f17

In the models without a screen, indicators of rotation speed for 800 or 1000 and the rinsing indicator are blinking (or lit up).

Reasons and solutions for the problem

If the Bosch washing machine shows the F17 error code, the water filling interval is exceeded. Water is not collected. The fault code can be displayed both at the beginning of the washing cycle and before the rinsing mode.

Pay attention! In some Bosch washing machines, the F17 error is denoted as E17 one.

Having figured out what the error means, you need to understand how to fix it. To do this, we have to understand the reasons for the problem’s appearance:

  • The tap is blocked (or not open fully). As a result, water does not enter the tank at all, or the pressure is too small (less than 1 atm.) That’s why there is not enough time for water gaining. When checking the valve, unscrew it completely. If everything is working out, and the error has been reset, then you have found the reason for it.
  • The filter or the water supply hose are clogged up. The mesh filter is located at the connection point of the hose and the Bosch washing machine. You have to disconnect and wash the part. Then remove and clean the filter.
  • Electronic controller failure. When it happens, you need to restart the Bosch washing machine. Be sure to completely de-energize the device for 20 minutes, and only then turn it on. If the F17 error is gone, the problem is solved.

How to fix the situation if the above-described actions do not help? Continue troubleshooting.

Fault localization

Your Bosch washing machine gives the F17 error code, water is not gained, but all filters and hoses are checked. Start to inspect the internal parts of the washing machine.

What could be the cause of the error code:

Inlet valve

Before checking the valve, turn off the water supply. Then, disconnect the device from electricity.

  • Disconnect hoses from inlet valves. Prepare a container for draining the water.
  • Take out the top panel by removing two screws.
  • Detach the connectors from the valve coil.
  • Remove the clamps and disconnect the hoses.
  • After unscrewing the fixing screw, take the valve out.
  • Inspect it for damage or clogging.
  • Install the part in the reverse order.

If after replacing the valve problem is solved and the F17 error code is removed, then the actions you have made are successful.

The pressure sensor (pressure switch)

The pressure sensor monitors the amount of water in the tank. It sends data to the control module, which starts the washing program. When the pressure switch goes out of order, it gives incorrect data or does not work at all.

How to eliminate the breakdown:

  • Removing the top cover of the Bosch washing machine, you can see the pressure switch located next to one of the walls.
  • After removing a clamp and disconnecting a hose, check up the pressure switch. Insert a tube and blow it through.
  • If there are no clicks and the sensor is defective, disconnect the connectors.
  • Pull out the device and install a serviceable part.

There is no use in repairing the pressure switch. So, having found a breakdown, immediately replace the part to a new one.

Control Module

The control unit gives commands to start washing, rinsing or spinning. If moisture gets the device or some voltage drop occurs, the components of the module may get damaged. Each element handles a particular part in the Bosch washing machine and gives a start signal.

To get rid of the fault, inspect the control board. To repair the contacts you need a solder. In addition, the burnt out elements need replacing. Inspect the wiring from the unit to the pressure switch and the intake valve.

In case of insulation failure, replace the damaged wire. Sometimes it may be necessary to completely change the control card.

Author: David Hoover