Bosch washer error code f23

When the washing process stops, most modern washing machines show an error code on a display. For example, the F23 error in Bosch washing machine may appear at any stage of the washing process. Most often, it is caused by serious problems associated with water leakage. And this is dangerous by flooding.

Bosch washing machine error code f23
Bosch washer error code f23

Decipherment of the f23 code in Bosch washing machine

The F23 error code of washing machine informs a user that the Aquastop system has triggered. It is responsible for leakage protection. This means that water has entered into the appliance tray. The reasons for this are the following ones:

  • there is a rupture of the drain or filler hose;
  • improperly installed powder receptacle;
  • the sensor of Aquastop is faulty. There may be no water in the pan.

Bosch washing machine without a display signals about the code the next way. It is shown in the form of flashing lights. They are the spin speed of 1000, 800 and 600, plus the rinse indicator.

Elimination of water leakage

Having got this error, first, disconnect the washing machine from the mains and shut off the water tap. If the electrician is not in order and the housing is electrified, you can get electrocuted. After this, begin to consistently check the possible places for water leakage.

See if the powder collector is properly installed because water can flow through it. Try to pull it out and put it back in place. Then it is worth checking the connection point of the drain hose and pump as well as the discharge pipe. Here is what you need to do:

  • disconnect the washing machine from the water supply and sewerage;
  • drain the pallet from the washing machine;
  • turn the device on its side;
  • gently remove the pallet;
  • look inside the case through the bottom of the machine. Find the pump and check the connection points with the drain hose and nozzles;
  • if necessary, repair the fault by replacing the worn out parts.

For your information! Water can also leak through the junction of the inlet hose with the device. But in this case, it gets the floor. And it can happen even if the Bosch washing machine is turned off.

There is another place through which water can penetrate into the machine’s body. It is the branch pipe, which goes from the fill valve to the powder collector. You can check its tightness by removing the top cover of the technique.

Aquastop sensor replacement

What to do if when disassembling the machine, you notice water in the pan? The F23 error code is displayed, too. In this case, search for the reason in the Aquastop sensor or in the device’s “brains”. Perhaps you tilted it before and there was sticking of the float. The error is shown after you run the washing machine.

But if there is no sticking, then it is necessary to replace the sensor. Disconnect the element from the wires and remove it from the latches. Next, attach a working sensor on this place.

Thus, the F23 error occurs only in Bosch washing machines equipped with the Aquastop protection system. And if this protection has worked, then this code is shown on the display. You can solve this error by yourself. But if you don’t want to disassemble the appliance, the master will do it for you at home.

Author: David Hoover