Bosch washer error code f43

If the Bosch washing machine shows an F43 error code, do the following. First of all, you need to figure out what the code means. Then, how to reset the error and restore the appliance’s performance with your own hands.

Bosch washing machine error code f43
Bosch washer error code f43

What does the error mean: decoding and symptoms

What does the F43 error mean in Bosch washing machine? It indicates that the motor does not rotate or something blocks the drum.

What is the main sign, by which you can also recognize the error? The device rotates the drum with effort and at the same time jumps in the place. It applies to the devices without a screen.

Reasons for the f43 error appearance in the Bosch washing machine

Do you see the F43 error on the control panel? Most likely, one of the points listed below causes the breakage:

  1. Bearings are stuck.
  2. Tachogenerator of the washing machine is out of order.
  3. Faulty module. The malfunction of a triac (for electromechanical);
  4. You overload the drum. Or some item blocks it.

How to eliminate the f43 error: fixing it by yourself

Having got the error codes, the masters of service centers conduct diagnostics. Then, they make a corresponding set of actions. Basing on their experience, we can conclude that you have to follow the instruction. So, how to solve the problem:

Important! It is necessary to understand that the error is critical. It is possible that the motor has overheated. You need to fix or change it. Do not operate the washing machine with the F43 error. This is fraught with a short circuit and a possible fire.

Independent Actions

It’s worth starting with small things that you can do without a special tool and experience. Thus, check the drum for overload.  Also, try to find an object blocking the rotation of the drum if the reason of error appearance is this.

To check the appliance for overload, stop washing and remove some laundry. Then, restart the program. If the f43 code disappears, then the error reset is successful.

Any small object (and not only small) can block the drum. Seasoned specialists say that the Bosch washing cylinder is blocked many times. The broken devices experience garbage, small coins, buttons, and cufflinks. Sometimes masters find even socks and tights.

A knock or noise confirm that the foreign object interferes with the drum. The fault codes of Bosch washing machines do not always appear in such cases.

As a rule, the subject has stuck in the next places:

  • At the bottom of the tank or drum.
  • Between the drum and the walls of the tank.
  • Wrapped around the drum.

To find out where the interference is, unplug the machine and turn the drum by hand. Listening to a tinkling sound you will almost immediately find out where the object is. If you can’t find it, take a flashlight to inspect the space behind the tank wall.

Bosch washing machine disassembling

If you can’t remove the object without disassembling the device, get to the tank through the rear wall. To do this, remove the back panel, find the heating element under the drum and remove it. At the same time, inspect if there is a scale on the part.

If this doesn’t help, remove the pulley by unscrewing the pulley securing bolt. After removing the part, return the fastener to its place, but do not tighten it too much.

Further, displace the shaft and the drum relative to the tank to gain access to the object. To do this, you need a hammer to hit the cut off the shaft.

To prevent damage, use a tight gasket before hammering.

After moving the drum, rotate it again. Find and remove the object through the hole from which you got the heating element. If you can’t deal with the task, make a hook from an ordinary wire.

Assemble the washing machine, connect it to the mains and run a test wash. If the error reset does not occur, and the machine still shows the F43 code on the display, provide a major repair.

Specialists know best how to drop the error if the replacement of bearings and engine or board repair are required. So, do not take such difficult work on yourself as it requires some experience, effort, and a special tool.

Author: David Hoover