Direct tv error code 721

When Direct tv error code 721 displays and does not show anything, this is due to the software part. You need to contact specialists to reconfigure the channels.

What causes error code 721?

He indicates that:

  1. the channel is not in the list of connected ones;
  2. the receiver is not able to process the information in the encoding that it receives.

How to solve a problem?

In this case, it is necessary to perform a number of simple steps. As a result, error 721 will disappear and the TV will show the channel again normally.

Add Channel

First of all, you should check your channel package:

  • go to your personal account and select “My DIRECTV”;
  • click on “Plan Management”;
  • select “View my channel list”.

If the specified channel is missing, you need to add it to your list by clicking on the “Add / Remove Channels” button. Then find it in the general list and click on the “Activate” icon. Turn on the TV and check.

Upgrade firmware

If everything is okay with the channel, it is on the list, but error code 721 still appears on the screen, so you need to pay attention to the software. In order for the receiver to normally receive, transmit and decode signals, it is advisable to update the firmware. In this case, the masters of the service center or representatives of the service with which the contract for the provision of television services is signed will help.

Reset settings

Rebooting the TV tuner will also help and error 721 will cease to be on the screen. To do this, you must:

  • disconnect the receiver power cord from the electrical outlet, leave it on for 15-30 seconds and plug it back into the network;
  • press the power button on the front panel of the receiver, and then wait until it restarts;
  • update the program and check whether error code 721 appears or not.

Is cardinal intervention required?

Direct tv error code 721 does not have a physical breakdown, so there is no need for repair. The device has no mechanical or automatic malfunctions and works normally.

Author: David Hoover