Directv error 775

If the TV Directv error 775 appeared on the screen, the cause must be sought in the transmission channels of satellite communications.

What does error 775 mean?

This error applies to the TV receiver and indicates that it does not receive a signal from the antenna. Usually, the factor that provoked the disappearance of the connection is simple, therefore, eliminating the problem does not cause difficulties. But on the other hand, it can indicate the failure of important equipment.

In particular, error code 775 is caused by:

  • loose connector or plug;
  • failed board;
  • broken power supply;
  • unconfigured antenna;
  • damaged cable.

What can you do yourself?

  • The first thing you need to pay attention to is the tuner inputs. They must be firmly connected. To do this, insert the plug into the groove all the way and check the other end of the wire so that it also fits tightly into the converter.
  • The second thing that needs to be checked is the power grid. See if the receiver is connected to it, because it could have been accidentally unplugged from the outlet to turn on another device, which is why error 775 appeared. Insert the plug and wait for the signal to resume.

When do you need qualified help?

There are a number of cases in which drastic measures must be taken to normalize the operation of the TV.

Antenna problems

The satellite dish loses connection with the TV receiver if:

  • she fell from a strong gust of wind, hit by a heavy object (ball, branch), due to the carelessness of the owners or the fault of the installer, who did not provide her with a reliable fixation;
  • the antenna has shifted, so it does not catch the signal, which is why the error code 775 appears on the screen;
  • the converter is defective (it was flooded, covered with snow, or lightning damaged).

There is only one solution in such a situation – contacting the master from the service department for reinstalling and reconfiguring the satellite dish.

Burned out power supply

This is a frequent reason that causes Directv error 775. A similar situation occurs with a flickering supply of electricity, voltage drops and with a sharp jump in voltage above the permissible norm. The problem is solved by replacing the faulty element.

The receiver is out of order

Tuner breakdown occurs in two cases:

  • capacitors sat down (they are easy to change for similar ones, they cost $ 14 -16 $);
  • the board burned out (it needs to be soldered or reinstalled, its assembly price is $ 30-$ 35).

Damaged cable

Error 775 often occurs due to a lack of contact between the satellite dish and receiver. Reasons – the plug is poorly connected or the plastic casing has crumbled, exposing the wires on which moisture now provokes a short circuit. The solution is to replace the entire cable. To prevent cracking of the winding, wires with an appropriate protection class should be selected. But if the reason is in the plug, you need to tighten it into the connector.

Author: David Hoover