Directv error code 771

Snow is falling on the street or rain is falling, and Directv error code 771 is on the TV screen. Predictable situation, because error 771 is directly related to bad weather. How? Let’s figure it out

What causes error code 771?

Its reason is the lack of normal signal throughput from an external antenna to the receiver. This may be caused by:

  • snow sticking;
  • icing of the converter head;
  • heavy rainfall or fog;
  • lack of satellite signal;
  • internal circuit problems.

What can be done?

It all depends on weather conditions:

  • if snow is falling on the street, hail is falling or it is raining heavily, you just need to wait out the bad weather, because error 771 will disappear itself as soon as everything normalizes;
  • if the weather is fine, you should check the connections on the back of the TV tuner and fix them, as well as inspect the space in front of the satellite dish. Perhaps something is blocking the reception of the signal from the satellite.

What drastic measures are needed?

Cardinal measures are taken if nothing helps and error code 771 is displayed on the screen even in good weather and there is nothing that blocks the signal from the satellite.

Contact recovery

Inspect all connections – especially the SAT-IN (Satellite In) leading to the dish. In addition, adjust the density of the tip input to the DRE or Pro ports on the Idiom TV. Clean the connectors from dust. Make sure that the cable is not loose or overtightened.

TV check

It is possible that error 771 occurs due to the TV. To understand this, connect another TV to the receiver. If the signal and image are all right, then look for a problem on the TV. Perhaps the connection jack is broken, and there is no good connection between the plug and the TV. The solution is to replace the connectors.

Power Supply Reboot

If a SWM power unit is connected to the receiver, make sure that the coaxial cable that comes from the satellite dish is connected to it correctly (the green LED should be on).

If the contacts are normal, and Directv error code 771 still shows on the screen, then unplug the device from the outlet, wait 15-30 seconds and turn it on again. Did not help? Repair the tuner (solder the capacitors, controllers on the board) or change it.

Author: David Hoover