Electrolux dishwasher blows an automatic fuse box, rcd

If the Electrolux dishwasher model electrocutes or blows an automatic fuse box, this is a sign of a very serious malfunction. There are several sources for this:

  • The problem is in the general load on an electrical outlet breakage into which the dishwasher is connected. Plug another powerful electrical appliance into the same outlet, for example, iron or hairdryer. If RCD still fails, an electrical network should be inspected.
  • If the technique that has been recently bought blows a fuse box or electrocutes from the very beginning, so most likely you have acquired a defected device.
  • The failure of the network filter. The unit is very sensitive to voltage surges in the electrical network.
  • The heating element, which is constantly influenced by the systematic negative effect of high temperatures and detergents, is broken. Most likely, it will be necessary to replace the element with a new one.
  • The failure of the “Start” button, provoked by oxidized terminals or other malfunctions. In this case, RCD fails when turning on the equipment.
  • The control board damaging is caused by the water, which got into the unit.
Author: David Hoover