Electrolux dishwasher delay lights flashing

If there is a breakdown or malfunction, the dishwasher will sound a beep.

If the dishwasher is equipped with a display, a special error code is shown on it. Electrolux error codes are issued as a combination of certain letters and numbers. In this case, it is not complicated to understand the errors of the Electrolux dishwasher, just use the table.

If the device is not equipped with a display, then Electrolux errors are indicated by a flashing light indicator. The number of flashes of the indicator corresponds to a specific fault code.

Error code on the displayNumber of flashes LED END pause 5 secMalfunctionFault description
i101No water gaining.Check:
1. is the water tap open;
2. is there water in the water supply. In addition, the pressure is probably too low;
3. the hose filter for clogging;
4. fill valve for failure.
i202No water draining.Check:
1. drain hose for clogging;
2. drain pump filter;
3. sewer pipes;
4. drain pump;
5. pressure switch.
i303AQUASTOP triggered, water filled the pan.There was a leakage of water in the device tray. Check all internal connections for tightness, including the washing chamber.
i505Triac pump circulation is out of order (installed on the control board).Check:
1. control board;
2. circulation pump and its wiring.
i606No heating.Check:
1. the heating element;
2. wiring and connector of the heating element;
3. temperature sensor (NTC);
4. circulation pump;
5. controller.
i707The temperature sensor (NTC) is out of order.Check the NTC sensor and its wiring for operating.
i808The EEPROM firmware has malfunctioned.The firmware and control board have to be changed.
i909There is a problem in the control module.Replacement of the control board is required.
iA010No rotation of the rocker sprinkler.Check:
1. whether the dishes are put correctly;
2. inspect the rocker arm drive system.
ib011Turbidity sensor has malfunctioned.Check:
1. the sensor may be contaminated;
2. the pressure switch is out of order;
3. It is possible that the drainage system is clogged. It has to be completely inspected and cleaned;
4. replace the sensor.
iC012There is no connection between the controller and the display board.It is required to replace the controller.
id013No signal from the tachogenerator.Check:
1. fastening of the tachogenerator sensor;
2. wires and connector of the tachogenerator;
3. the sensor is broken.
iF014The time of water gaining is exceeded.Do the same things as when the i10 error code appears.
Author: David Hoover