Electrolux dishwasher doesn’t open and doesn’t close

What if the Electrolux dishwasher doesn’t close before the start of the program or doesn’t open after the procedure is completed? Let’s consider the sources of this breakdown and various methods of the troubleshooting:

  • The sealing circuit has shifted. During operation, the sealed gasket may shift and then obstruct the door’s locking. The solution is the installation of a new sealing circuit.
  • The door of the dishwasher has become titled. Such fault can be the result of an improper operation or children’s playing. To fix that, adjust the door by level.
  • Failure of the Electrolux electronic system. The faulty control unit does not give a signal to snap the lock mechanism or, on the contrary, to unlock it.
  • The lock, installed in the door, has broken or shifted from its usual position. In this case, it is recommended to adjust the lock or replace the failed device.
Author: David Hoover