Electrolux dishwasher error code 04

04 error code, which appears on Electrolux dishwasher screen, signals about a failure in the system responsible for drying dishes. It is possible that the top dishwasher fan is broken.

Electrolux dishwasher error code 04

Fan and relay are out of order

Hole for ventilation in the dishwasher

In many cases, the 04 error code in the Electrolux dishwasher and the dishwasher’s failure to dry the dishes are caused by the relay malfunction that is placed on the control board. As a rule, (in fully embedded devices or detached ones), the control board is installed inside the door, which can be easily dismantled by removing a few bolts. Having removed the control board, you will see the relay on it. Replacement of the detail requires some experience of working with a soldering iron. Therefore, if you doubt whether you accomplish this task or not, we recommend you to ask a specialist for help. The relay replacement is considered to be not an expensive repair.

Electrolux dishwasher fan motor

Some models of the Electrolux household appliances use a turbo-dryer. In case of its breakage, the detail needs to be changed because it is beyond repair. When a fan stops working, you won’t hear the familiar sound of the turbo-dryer. The fan, responsible for pumping of hot air, is installed in different places depending on the dishwasher model (usually, it is placed on a side or on top). Therefore, it is necessary to disassemble the device almost completely to reach the element.

Be sure to check connecting terminals and wires before replacing the fan. Perhaps the reason for the error code 04 in Electrolux dishwasher is right here. If so, then you are lucky.

Author: David Hoover