Electrolux dishwasher error code i10

Before fixing a malfunction, you have to find it. To do this, you need to decipher an error which suddenly appeared on a screen, paralyzing the work of your home helper. I10 error code means that water does not receive the dishwasher for some reason, or rather pressure switch does not fix its gaining to the desired level for the specified period of time. Why is this happening?

Electrolux dishwasher error code i10 (or 10)

  1. The garbage filter is severely clogged.
  2. The filter of the filling hose is clogged with dirt.
  3. There is no water in the running water or just tap is closed.

Closed tap is the banalest reason. Nevertheless, specialists from service centers often go on a call to find out a user who couldn’t figure out to open the tap before running the machine.

  1. The water inlet hose is pinched.
  2. The filling valve can’t be opened completely.

Problems with the pump cannot be excluded completely but in this case (99%) you will see i20 error code on the Electrolux dishwasher screen. Having got the i10 error code on the dishwasher Electrolux, you must first check the above list. Well, we should start with the simplest, that does not require disassembly of the machine, and this is clogs.

How to Solve the Problem when appeared on the dishwasher Electrolux error code i10

First, you have to check a garbage filter, the dirtiest place in the dishwasher Electrolux. To do this, open the dishwasher door, take out the bottom basket, then remove the bottom sprinkler and unscrew the dustbin. In addition, you need to get a grate, which is located next to it.  Wash all these parts with hot water.

Clean Electrolux Dishwasher Filter

Often, a layer of fat settles on the dust filter and grate after washing the fat dishes. It blocks water and doesn’t allow it to seep that causes problems. You need to thoroughly clean the dishes before putting it in the baskets for washing.

Next, you need to check the water inlet hose. If it is not squeezed, and water is supplied, it is necessary to:

  • shut off the water;
  • unscrew the water inlet hose;
  • find flow filter at the base of the hose;

Filter hose Electrolux dishwasher

  • pull it out and clean the mesh;
  • If there is another flow filter on the tap-tee, it should also be cleaned.

The inlet valve of the dishwasher Electrolux

The inlet valve is checked last. In order to pull it out, you have to remove the side wall of the dishwasher by unscrewing a few screws around the perimeter. After unscrewing the side wall, carefully select the valve, unscrew it, and then remove but don’t forget to disconnect the supply wires before. Check the valve for clogging. If there is some litter, clean it out. The valve has to be closed and opened without any difficulties. Take the multimeter and check the resistance of the filling valve. If the valve is out of order, change it to a new one and check the operation of the dishwasher.

So, what to do if Electrolux suddenly stopped and showed the i10 error code? Pay attention to clogging because in the majority of cases this is the reason for the problem’s appearance.

Author: David Hoover