Electrolux dishwasher error code i70

If the dishwasher’s screen shows the i70 error code or the LED END signal flashes 7 times with a pause of 5 seconds, it points on an open or short circuit in the NTC thermistor. Thermistor NTC (temperature sensor) is one of the weakest spots of most Electrolux dishwashers. With this error code, as a rule, the program runs to the end, but without using the heating function.

Electrolux dishwasher error code i70 (or 70)

Diagnosis and repair of the thermostat in the Electrolux dishwasher

It is necessary to clearly understand that it is exactly this element. Therefore, the diagnostic algorithm will be as follows:

  • disconnect the device from the supply voltage and water supply;
  • remove all the baskets for dishes;
  • dismantle the lower sprinkler and remove the garbage filter;
  • set the device upside down and remove the side mounts;
  • carefully unplug the sink and lift the bottom of the dishwasher;
  • having got an access to the thermostat, disconnect it from the supply wires;
  • clean the contacts of the temperature sensor and examine it with a tester;
  • if the thermostat has failed, replace it and assemble the dishwasher back. Don’t forget to check the wiring leading to the element

Sometimes the thermal sensor is not broken and all the other elements are checked but the water is still cold. In such situations, the control unit, or one of its constituent elements, most likely is out of order. Thus, the “computer” of the dishwasher does not work, which is responsible for comparison of all the data from other parts of the apparatus. In addition, it gives a command for heating the water. In case of a malfunction, the command for heating the water may not pass.

The unit is very expensive, so only an experienced technician should repair or replace it.

Author: David Hoover