Electrolux dishwasher functions badly, it doesn’t wash dishes properly

The Electrolux household dishwasher does not wash the dishes properly. The appliance leaves a whitish coating, a dull slick, soapy stains or traces of dried food.

It is induced by different reasons:

  • The running water is too mineralized, and you do not use special salt or it has run out in the compartment.
  • Failure of a drying fan or heater.
  • The sensor for monitoring the water hardness degree has deteriorated. The solution is to replace it with a working one.
  • Unprofessional dishwasher installing. For example, it is pushed too tightly against the wall and the drain hose is pinched.
  • The program is selected mistakenly. For example, the water is excessively hot or cold. It is necessary to set a more intensive regime, or, alternatively, more sparing.
  • The used utensils are predisposed to the appearance of stains on its cleaned surface even with an impeccable washing.
  • Too little detergent dosage or its excess, improperly selected detergent. Modern tableting means “all-in-one” are better to apply simultaneously with traditional conditioner and special salt.
  • Overloading the dishwasher with utensils.
  • You load the dishes incorrectly. For example, glasses and cups are placed not in the bottom but down or sideways.
  • It is necessary to intensively clean the dishwasher.
  • A filter is clogged.
Author: David Hoover