Electrolux dishwasher gets stuck

What if the Electrolux dishwasher you have Installed gets stuck at some stage of washing dishes? In this case, you need to immediately identify and eliminate the cause for the failure. The reasons for such crashing can be very different:

  • The electronic unit of the Electrolux appliance, which controls all systems, has broken down, or its settings have failed. Reprogramming the module or its changing is required.
  • If the dishwasher gets stuck at the start of the work, then most likely, the heating element is out of order. To eliminate the breakage, change the part.
  • Filters or hoses for drainage of dirty water are clogged up. Check them for dirt and litter.
  • In simple versions, the technique crash can be caused by the overload of dishes. The easiest way to eliminate the breakage is to reduce the number of dishes units and check the functionality of the equipment one more time.
  • The pump that drains water has broken. Repair or replacement of the circulation pump is required.
Author: David Hoover