Electrolux dishwasher gouds, makes noise, thrums

What if your Electrolux dishwasher operates more noisily than usual, producing a sharp crunch or knocks while washing dishes? Sources of noise can be completely different but, in each version, it is necessary to establish their cause without delay and to eliminate the defect as soon as possible. Otherwise, it is very likely that in the near future the worn out part or the whole mechanism will break. Potential causes of abnormal thrums or whistle are listed below:

  1. Loud rasping can occur when the gland or bearing is worn out in the Electrolux motor. Replacement of a worn out component is necessary.
  2. Incorrect placement of dishes. Perhaps the sprinkler touches the plate, which causes an unpleasant sound.
  3. If the appliance whistles and creaks when functionating, then the bearing of the pump is most likely broken. To solve the question, provide an urgent diagnosis of the pump and its replacement.
  4. One of the origins of that the dishwasher buzzes and makes cracking can be a broken drain pump. The solution is to change the pump because a loud screech is a sign of a fast breakage.
Author: David Hoover