Electrolux dishwasher is leaking water

Have you noticed a puddle of water under the Electrolux dishwasher? The first thing you have to do is to turn off the device with a mandatory disconnect it from the outlet. The causes for water leakage in the dishwasher may be various:

  • Rupture of the rubber branch pipe or its non-sealed connection, which is often found after many years of the dishwasher’s using.
  • Water leakages through the door due to the contamination of the sealing material with fat deposits. The solution is to clean the seal from debris. In case of its failure, installation of a new one is required.
  • Water leakages through the door because it is titled, the water level sensor is damaged, or the leading to it branch pipe is clogged.
  • Leakage occurs because of a crack in the water tank.
  • Water leakages through the air gap of the drain or vent holes when the rubber tube is clogged.
Author: David Hoover