Electrolux dishwasher machine doesn’t drain, water remains inside

What if the Electrolux dishwasher you have installed doesn’t drain water?

The root causes can be diverse:

  1. Drain pump littering. The only solution is cleaning.
  2. Water is not drained because of the drain system clogging with food particles, toothpicks, and other debris that have not been retained by the drain filter. To eliminate the malfunction, disconnect all drain hoses and diligently clean them.
  3. Drain hose bending.
  4. Filter dishwasher contamination consists of food leftovers, parts of napkins, and other rubbish.
  5. Water remains inside because the Electrolux control module is out of order. The command to drain water for some reason is not sent.
  6. Water remains inside because the drain pump has broken down. Replacement of a part is required.
  7. Malfunction of the pressure switch (water sensor). It stopped sending signals to the control board, and the dishwasher does not drain water.
Author: David Hoover