Electrolux dishwasher stops and turns off

Why does the Electrolux dishwasher automatically switch off during washing process? Several faults can cause a malfunction of the equipment:

  • The Electrolux electronic unit is broken. It controls absolutely all nodes in the device. It should be fixed or replaced.
  • The part that pumps out contaminated water is littered or broken. The solution is cleaning the outlet or repairing the pump.
  • The heater is broken and the dishwasher can not heat water to the required temperature. Therefore, the kitchen appliance stops.
  • No power supply. Check other devices in the same electrical circuit. If they also stopped working, then inspect your electrical switchboard. The fuse might have been blown or the device was switched off.
  • Strong voltage fluctuations in the electrical network. In this case, we recommend purchasing a stabilizing device.
Author: David Hoover