F01 error code Whirlpool dryer

It sometimes happens that the dryer drum does not rotate and the laundry dries unevenly. And there is an f01 error code on the screen: Whirlpool dryer gives the same combination even in the absence of heating. Or quite often Whirlpool dryer displays f1 error code, without even starting a drying program. What’s the matter?

F01 error code Whirlpool dryer

What is error f1 associated with?

Most often it refers to the electronic control board. It indicates that there is no contact between the central module and the remaining nodes. It is a common problem which is caused by:

  • short-term power failure;
  • an unexpected power surge.

How to correct the situation quickly?

Error code f01 or f1 is sometimes eliminated by rebooting the household appliance. To get the desired result, you need to:

  • disconnect the dryer by unplugging the cord;
  • leave it for 1 – 5 minutes;
  • switch it on again by connecting it to the power supply.

If error f1 disappeared, then it was an ordinary failure. If it appeared again, then the problem is much more serious.

Cardinal actions

The elimination of the problem depends on the type of failure, of which there may be several. The most vulnerable are the subunits associated with temperature control. Some other parts also suffer, instigating several negative consequences with a complex technical solution.

Faulty thermal switch

This element protects against overheating. Therefore, when the device starts to overheat, it opens the circuit, preventing a possible fire. As a result, error code f01 appears on the screen.

Depending on the type and model of equipment, a thermal switch can be located:

  • on a blower body;
  • on a heating element;
  • on a gas burner.

To reach it, it is necessary to unscrew the fasteners and remove the bottom panel from the front of the dryer. At the top of the fan, you will immediately see a thermal switch. To check it, disconnect the two wires and connect the probes of the multimeter.

An industrious part has constant continuity. In case of a lack of continuity, the subunit has burnt out and needs to be replaced. The average price of a thermal switch is $ 20. After reinstalling, connect the device to the network and start operation. Error f1 should disappear.

Faulty thermistor

This is another reason that the Whirlpool dryer displays an f01 error code on the screen and does not start the drying mode. First, you need to make sure the wiring of the thermistor is intact, and then repair the damage by soldering or twisting with insulation. If everything is normal, and error code f01 is persistently displayed on the board, then the element, which reads and controls the temperature inside the dryer, is out of order.

It is located on the fan housing, to the left of the thermal switch. To check it, it’s necessary to disconnect the lower front panel, then to dismantle the filtration channel housing. It will provide free access to the thermistor. It is tested with a multimeter and, if a breakdown is detected, it is changed.

Broken door switch

Error f01 is sometimes associated with the door locking mechanism. When it is tightly closed, the switch is activated, producing a specific click. If this signal is not present, then the subunit is faulty. To check it is enough to start the equipment and listen carefully. Lack of the click is a reason to check the mechanism with a multimeter. If a defect is identified, it must be replaced.

Another solution that will allow you to eliminate error code f1 is gluing the switch with adhesive tape. Layers are glued one on top of another until the door starts to shut properly.

Burnt relay contact on the board

After a power surge or short circuit, one of the contacts on the control module may burn out which entails error code f01. As with most microcircuits, the relay converts 120 VAC, generating pulsed currents through soldered joints.

The presence of this problem can be verified by removing the board and then searching for defective points – burnt, weak, or just worn-out ones. As a rule, they are well defined because they have black soot from sparking.

Error f1 is eliminated by restoring the solder. To do this, use a piece of metal wire or 16 AWG wire. Before soldering, the damaged surface is stripped for maximum adhesion. In the process, you will need simple tools: a screwdriver, a multimeter, pliers and a soldering iron.

Damaged wiring

Whirlpool dryer also displays f1 error code if the wires going to the central module have an opening or unstable contact. To restore the integrity of the harness, it is necessary to:

  • connect unfixed jack plugs to the board;
  • solder or twist damaged ends;
  • replace the entire cable.

Each marked method is used depending on the degree of damage to the wiring. In any case, if the error f01 appeared because of the harness, then it should disappear.

Faulty control board

It is located above the top of the back panel of the dryer. It is not difficult to reach. To do this, you need:

  • unplug the unit and turn to yourself;
  • find the screws at the top of the back wall and unscrew them (a dryer usually has 2 screws, a washing machine has 3 ones);
  • Push the top cover backward and slightly raise it;
  • dismantle the protective panel;
  • remove all plug fittings from the control board, due to which error code f1 appears;
  • unscrew the screws with the hex head ¼;
  • remove the control module together with the support;
  • disconnect the cables and wires, after photographing them;
  • unfasten the mounting of the plate;
  • remove it from the fixing support and replace it.

The price of a new part is (depending on the place of purchase) from $60 to $200. The assembly of the unit is performed in the reverse order. In the end, it is necessary to check if Whirlpool dryer displays f01 error code: switch on the dryer and make a test run.

Author: David Hoover