F21 error code Whirlpool washer

When the Whirlpool washing machine appears on display, the error code F21 does not drain the tank’s water. Moreover, the washer works normally in other modes, but it cannot complete the cycle correctly, making the laundry wet. What is the reason?

F21 error code Whirlpool washer

Error F21: description

With its help, the front-loading washing machine signals that the drain waiting time has been exceeded. The error indicates a problem with the water pumping system from the tank. Therefore, most often, error F21 is associated with:

  • filters;
  • hoses;
  • pump;
  • engine;
  • branch pipe;
  • sewerage.

But there are several other factors due to which the F21 error code occurs:

  • A faulty pressure switch
  • A damaged or loose contact
  • An open circuit in the pump wiring
  • A loss of communication between the pump and the control board

There can be many reasons, and as a rule, many of the reasons given by us earlier have their error codes. Therefore, you should not immediately disassemble the washer and start with the heaviest one.

What’s the first thing to do?

First, make sure it’s not a software glitch and try resetting the error.

  1. Connect the washing machine to the mains.
  2. Press PAUSE / CANCEL twice.
  3. Hold the button for a couple of seconds until the display clears.

If error F21 remains on the scoreboard, restart the equipment. Did not help? Move on to drastic measures.

How to fix the error

As noted above, the Whirlpool washer issues an F21 error code when there is a malfunction of the drain assembly, including several components. Moreover, you can fix the error code F21 yourself. This will allow you to save money because, in most cases, you need to get out of the stuck clothes or remove a small blockage.

Drain hose blocked

Blocked (clogged) drain hose

Anything can be the reason for blocking – a coin, a handkerchief, a scarf, a button, a flash drive, a key, and other items. Also, the flexible water drainage tube may be kinked or twisted. To solve the problem, you need:

  • turn off the washing machine by unplugging the power cord;
  • move it away from the wall and turn it back towards you;
  • disconnect the hose and inspect it for blockages.

If the water does not pass, you need to push the stuck thing forward or pick it up with a hook on a long handle. High pressure of air or a strong jet of water will also help. Bending and twisting are eliminated by straightening with the installation of a rigid plastic frame.

But when moving the washer, be careful: do not actively pull the sewer outlet. Otherwise, you will have to change the entire hose (it costs around $ 19- $ 35). Finally, perform a test run of the equipment. If the F21 error occurs again, check for the following reason.

The filter is dirty, or the reason is in the pump

how to clean the filter in the whirlpool washing machine

To determine this, it is necessary to unscrew the screws on the front bottom panel and then remove it. In some washing machines, access to the pumping pump is made by a separate small hatch. You will immediately have access to the pump, wiring harness, and mesh lint catcher. Remove the filter from the pump and gently clean it with a brush, rinse under running water.

Sometimes the filter is clean, but there is a blockage in the pump itself. Removing the accumulation of debris and the F21 error code is very easy. This requires:

  • pull the cord out of the socket;
  • unscrew the cover fixing bolts, and remove it;
  • put a towel or any container with low sides on the floor to collect excess moisture;
  • unscrew the drain filter;
  • remove foreign objects that impede the flow of water;
  • clean the mesh;
  • collect everything in reverse order;
  • carry out a test wash.

The pump is broken. They come to this conclusion after checking all versions – from blocking the hose to clogging the filter. If none of the previous options came true and error F21 appears on the screen, then the reason is in the pump engine. It is tested with a multimeter: when pumping out the water, it should show a voltage of 120 V. If it is insufficient, the only way out is to replace the pump. Like the rest of the drainage system, it is located at the bottom of the machine, behind the front panel.

In the case of pump replacement, costs will be from $ 30 to $ 157, depending on the marketplace and unit model.

Damaged wires

The wires should not have breaks, breaks, and loose contacts. If defects are visible to the naked eye, they must be eliminated by twisting or soldering and tightly installing the plug into the groove. Otherwise, the defective harness will not provide the normal power supply to the pump. This leads to the error code F21 since the unit is not able to pump out water. If the damage cannot be detected visually, use a multimeter, ringing each wire.

The pressure switch is out of order

Video: How to replace the water pressure switch in the Whirlpool washing machine

This node maintains communication between the drain pump and the control board. Consequently, its failure can automatically issue an error code F21. The pressure switch is checked with a multimeter and, if necessary, restored or replaced. You can get to it if:

  • turn off the power of the machine;
  • dismantle the top panel;
  • unscrew the three screws on the rear wall;
  • remove the bar.

The top right is a relay that looks like a small disc with a small nipple going to the hose. On average, it costs about $ 70.

Defective control board

It also serves as a factor due to which the Whirlpool washer displays the F21 error code. The reason is the lack of a signal when the drain cycle should start. As a result, the waiting time for water pumping is exceeded, and error F21 appears. Damage to the module causes a short circuit and pin wiring. If the board is broken, it is changed (the price of the original part is $ 200 -450); if not, it is restored by soldering.

Clogged drain into the sewer

Clogged drain into the sewer Whirlpool washing machine

Lint, scraps of paper, small coins, socks – anything can block the drain at the junction of the hose and the sewer hole. The solution is to disconnect the pipe and clean the drain from foreign debris that prevents water from escaping, causing the F21 error code. If a lot of dirt adheres to the adapter, over time, the gap narrows, it is cleaned or replaced.

Video: How to fix the F21 code error on the Whirlpool washing machine

Author: David Hoover