F22 error code Whirlpool washer

If the washing machine system cannot lock the hatch after 6 attempts, it displays F22 error code: Whirlpool washer shuts down without starting the cycle.

What causes error code F22?

The reason is in the door lock, or rather, in the hatch lock device (UBL). This problem suggests that:

  • there are problems in this node;
  • the normal conductivity of the signal to the control board is gone;
  • The module responsible for the operation of the door lock is damaged.

What can you do yourself?

  1. Ensure that no debris enters the opening of the door mechanism and clean it so that error F22 disappears.
  2. Inspect the latch. If it is stuck, slightly pry out the protruding tab.
  3. Cancel the selected mode and press the “Start” button. As soon as the machine tries to start work, immediately click on “Cancel”. This helps in case of failure to unlock the hatch.
  4. Inspect the door hinges for skew and tighten the bolts that hold it.
  5. Check for obstructions behind the sunroof. If there is, carefully remove them.
  6. Reset error code F22 by unplugging the washer from the mains for 1-5 minutes, and then reconnecting to the wall outlet.

When is qualified intervention necessary?

If none of the above helps, move on to drastic measures. In this case, they can relate to three elements: lock, wiring, and control board. But in order to perform quality work, it is best to contact the service center.

Faulty door device

If a physical or software problem occurs with the hatch blocking, the lock must be removed and replaced. After that, the F22 error will disappear. The cost of the new unit is $ 68 -72.

There is a break in the wiring

First inspect the entire tourniquet and try to visually detect the defect. Then use a multimeter, testing each wire. A damaged wire needs to be replaced, or immediately a whole loop of wires due to the impossibility of repairing one wire core. If the reason was in the wires, the F22 error code Whirlpool washer will no longer show.

Control module is damaged

Before you begin to replace it, inspect the sockets of all the connectors – because of them, error code F22 could also occur. Push the plugs into the groove tightly. If the signal does not recover, buy a new system board. Its price is from $ 148 and above. Only a qualified specialist can cope with the task of checking and replacing a control board.

Author: David Hoover