F70 error code Whirlpool dryer

The dryer stopped, gave one beep, blinked, and stopped working. And error code F70 immediately appeared on the screen: Whirlpool dryer displays it when the connection between the electronic components disappears.

F70 error code Whirlpool dryer

What is error F70 caused?

Its cause is the loss of a working connection between the console electronics and the control printed circuit. It usually reports a serious breakdown that cannot be eliminated. But not always – there are repairable cases. But note: in some models, F71 is found instead of F70.

Priority actions

First, try to reboot the dryer: if it is a failure, it will disappear. Along with it, error code F70 will also go away. What is needed for this? Unplug the cord and reconnect it in 15 – 20 minutes. After resuming the power supply, the device will perform a self-test and eliminate a random problem. But if it did not happen, then you must proceed to essential actions.

Causes of malfunction and methods for their elimination

Functionally, this chain covers three basic links, because error F70 appears not only due to key panels (an electronic control panel or a front-end user one). It also arises because of the wiring harness.

Wiring damage

Terminals are the first thing you need to pay attention to. A loose connector and poor connection between the main elements are a common cause of failure. Therefore, carefully examine the cable in the area from the console to the control module: the plugs should fit snugly into the grooves.

If everything is OK and error code F70 is still blinking, check the wires separately. Visual inspection can reveal a break. It is eliminated by stripping the ends, their connection, and insulation with shrink or special tape. Is nothing detected visually? Then testing with a multimeter will help out. The device will help to locate them damage.

Breakage of the console board

Blinking start and pause buttons, lightening settings lamps, lines on a digital display are signs of its defect. Moreover, the dryer behaves like this periodically: after the disappearance of error code F70, the Whirlpool dryer displays it again after a certain period. The solution is to replace the user interface control panel. To access it, follow the instructions:

  • switch off the equipment (unplug it);
  • untwist the screws on the back of the top panel;
  • lift the back of the cover, slide it back and remove.

Install a new element (its cost depending on the brand is $ 153 – 195) and reassemble the dryer in the reverse order. After that, error F70 should disappear. If it remained, then the problem is in the central control unit.

Failure of the central module

The fact that it is faulty is indicated by a sound signal, interruption of the cycle, and error code F70. Even if everything is normal visually (there are no burn marks and reflowing), the electronic unit requires reinstallation.

To provide free access to it, fulfill the same actions as described above (removing the top panel), and then:

  • unscrew the support bracket above the drum;
  • unfasten the latches;
  • disconnect all connections;
  • remove the main circuit board.

It costs $ 113 – 320, depending on the model. Therefore, if two boards together cause error code F70, it is advisable to change the Whirlpool dryer without spending time and money for repairs.

Author: David Hoover