F71 error code Whirlpool washer

When F71 error code, the Whirlpool washer buzzes, but does not enter the selected mode, does not rotate the drum and does not respond to any command. Why? There are several reasons for this.

What caused the F71 error?

It is associated with two factors:

  • with a software failure (due to a loss of signal between the user interface control panel and the central unit);
  • with a mechanical problem (due to broken wires, broken contacts, button closure, drum braking during rotation).

What can you do yourself?

  • Reboot the washing machine. Disconnect the washing machine from the power outlet, let stand for 5-10 minutes, and then reconnect to the mains and see if error code F71 disappears.
  • Check if foam has accumulated in the gap between the tank and the basket. If it is there, start the cleaning mode or rinse the machine, choosing a wash with a low water level (without laundry).

What drastic measures are needed?

Each case has its own solution, since this is a diverse problem, for which both electronic and physical causes are possible. So, different models have their weak points, which causes the F71 error code: Whirlpool washer cabrio, for example, differs in design from other rulers.

Inspection console

The working module on the front of the washing machine could be short-circuited from contact with moisture. As a result, the buttons begin to jam, the normal signal passability is lost and error F71 appears. There is only one solution – replacing the control module. Its maximum price is $ 195.

Wiring damage

The wiring harness could move due to vibration that accompanies the washing process. Therefore, the main task is to restore the connection so that the F71 error code Whirlpool washer no longer shows. To do this, inspect the plugs and insert them more firmly into the sockets. Another option is to check the wires with a multimeter. If a break is found, twist and insulate the ends.

Testing the control board

Error code F71 occurs due to the main module when the controller is damaged. The way out is to replace the burned-out elements (triac, resistors) or the entire board. It will cost from $ 148 to $ 277, so it is advisable to think about buying a new washing machine.

Author: David Hoover