How to clean electrolux dishwasher filter

If you want your dishwasher to serve you as long as possible, you should clean the device regularly and take care of it. Namely, you will find out how to clean the Electrolux dishwasher filter.

To get to the filter, open the appliance, take out the metal basket on which the dishes are placed, and carefully look at the bottom of the dishwasher. There you will see the installed filter, which is easily removed. To do this, it should first be turned counter-clockwise (just slightly unscrewed) and lifted up. So, the detail is removed.

What is the filter? Its main element is a strainer, which is clogged with food remnants during operation. The part’s designs may differ. But in most cases, it consists of two components, a metal tube, and a strainer. Both elements are easily separated from each other. Thoroughly rinse both elements under the tap water. Collect and install the filter back. Now the dishwasher is ready to wash your dishes.

How often should the filter be cleaned?

There is no exact answer to this question since everything depends on the load of the appliance and the frequency of its use. On the forums, some users state that the filter cleaning should be done almost after each wash. Although in fact, there is no such frequent need. The average indicator of the intensity of cleaning is at least 1 time per month if you use the equipment every day.

At the same time, some users never cleaned the filter at all and did not even know that it was necessary. Have not yet encountered problems.

And what problems can appear if the filter is not cleaned in time? The machine will definitely inform you about it when at the next washing you will see foam seeping from under the device’s lid. The fact is that when the drain filter clogs, the water is drained badly. It begins to fill the appliance and leak from under all the holes. Do not allow such an extreme to happen.

And one more important advice: carefully clean the dishes from the food leftovers. Then you definitely will not need to clean the Electrolux dishwasher filter and its basket every day.

Author: David Hoover