How to clean filters in the Samsung washer

If you notice that your washing machine fills or drains improperly, it is high time to clean the filters.

How to clean filters in the Samsung washing machine
How to clean filters in the Samsung washing machine

Samsung washers have two filters – the drain and the fill one. Both perform a protective function preventing the debris to get into the washer during a washing cycle or while filling.  If you clean them regularly, the machine functions properly. So you can avoid serious problems requiring a repair work as well.

The function of filters and their location

Before you do the actual cleaning, you should get where the filters are in the Samsung washing machine. Also we will consider the signs of clogging.

The inlet filter is clogged, if:

  • After starting the cycle the water fills for a very long time.
  • The washer displays an error code after an attempt to fill in.

In such cases, you need to clean the inlet filter of your Samsung washing machine.

It is located at the junction of the fill hose and the inlet valve. The screen inside retains fine debris from tap water.

The signs of drain filter clogging in the Samsung washing machine:

  • The used water drains slowly and for a long time.
  • The used water won’t drain at all.
  • When trying to drain, a washer displays an error code.

All of these signs can indicate a blockage. So it is important to understand how to open and clean the filter in the Samsung washing machine. It is the part that holds lint, hair, small details and objects during the drain cycle.

Please note that heavily clogged drain filter can lead to the malfunction of the drain pump, so do not delay cleaning. It is recommended to be carried out every three or four months.

How to clean filters yourself

How do I clean the water inlet filter in the Samsung washing machine?

The steps are as follows:

  1. Unplug the washer, pulling out the plug from the socket. Make sure the cable is fixed out of reach of any water.
  2. Turn off the stop valve of the water supply.
  3. Disconnect the inlet hose by unscrewing it from the housing of the washing machine. Be careful, the hose can drain some water. Get a container for it beforehand or let the hose drain in the sink or bathtub.
  4. You can see the screen in the inlets on the back of the washing machine. Pull it out using a pair of pliers.
  5. Rinse it under water pressure.
  6. Reinstall the part in place.

How do I clean the drain filter in the Samsung washing machine?

  1. Have a look at the bottom part of the front panel of the washer.
  2. Open it using a flathead screwdriver, because some laches may secure it.
  3. After removing the panel, you will see the filter – a plastic part with a shaped inbuilt handle.
  4. Before unscrewing and removing the drain filter, ensure you have a bowl to collect the water, if necessary.
  5. Do you need to perform the cleaning in the middle of the drain cycle? Then tilt the washer backwards, put the bucket under the filter and drain the water by unscrewing the filter.

Attention! Some manufacturers secure the part with some mounting bolts. Then you need to unscrew them before you can remove and clean the filter.

  1. Rotate the filter counter-clockwise and remove it.
  2. Clean out any debris and rinse the part under running water.
  3. Check the housing of the part. Clean out the debris as well, if any.
  4. Reinstall the filter and close the panel.

It happens you cannot rotate and remove the filter. If you have never cleaned out the drain system, the part can cling to the housing or the clog can be so heavy it is impossible to get the detail. Then, before you clean the filter in the Samsung washing machine, you will have to get out the pump. The steps are as follows:

  • Disconnect all the utilities and place the machine on its side or tilt it backwards.
  • Loosen the clamps of the pipes and disconnect them from the pump.
  • Unscrew the mounting screws.
  • Remove the pump along with the filter.

Disassemble the unit. A WD-40 multi-use product can help you to disconnect the parts easily.

How to avoid filter clogging

Would you like to do the cleaning of the systems of your washer as rarely as possible? Stick to the following rules during the cycles:

  1. Check the pockets of clothing before putting it into the drum. Check them for any coins.
  2. We recommend putting the clothes with small parts into laundry bags for the items not to cause clogging.
Author: David Hoover