How to disassemble a Bosch washer

Technique always breaks at the wrong time. If you wonder how to disassemble a Bosch washing machine, follow our advice. Also, we will reveal you how to check and repair it.

Before disassembling a Bosch washing machine, you need to prepare for this process. Get a washing machine scheme and the elements that you will remove.

There are the stages of disassembly that you have to follow:

  • Remove the covers: top, back, and front.
  • Pull out the tray for detergent.
  • Remove the control panel.
  • Remove the motor, intake valve, pressure sensor.
  • Disconnect connectors and wiring.
  • Disconnect the pipes and hoses.
  • Unscrew weights and supports.
  • Remove the cuff and take out the hatch locking device.
  • Pull out and disassemble the tank.

To disassemble the Bosch washing machine, you will need plenty of space. Disconnect the device from the network and shut off the water supply. Then prepare the container, unscrew the inlet hose and drain the remaining water. Go around the car, open the hatch on the front panel below. Unscrew the filter and drain water.

The procedure in this article is strict. You can not get to some washing machine details without dismantling elements.

How to remove the top cover of the Bosch washing machine

Take a cross-head or hex-head screwdriver, remove the two screws from the back of the washing machine. Now slide the cover forward and lift it. Be careful, the edges of the panel may be sharp. Put it aside.

How to disconnect the control panel

Moving to the front, pull out the powder dispenser. Pressing the latch in the center, pull it towards you and then pull it out of the case.

Next, remove the screws located behind the tray, as well as the bolts on the other side of the panel. Gently unclip the plastic latches (you can pry it with a flat screwdriver), disassemble the panel. To completely remove it, you will need to remove the connectors of the wires. We recommend you to take a picture of them beforehand.

Remove the bottom cover. You can find it at the bottom of the front panel. To do this, release the clips. Put it aside.

How to dismantle the front panel of the Bosch washing machine

First, open the door of the hatch. Before disassembling the door of the Bosch washing machine, remove it from the hinges. To do this, get rid of the fastening screws. Do it in order not to damage the glass of the hatch.

Pry off the hatch cuff and, pulling the clamp with a screwdriver, pull it off. Seal the rubber inside the drum.

Remove the bolts securing the door lock. Put your hand behind the case and remove the hatch locking device. Disconnect all wires from it and set aside the lock.

Unscrewing the screws around the perimeter of the front panel, carefully remove it and put aside.

How to detach the back panel and counterweight

Using a screwdriver, get rid of the bolts around the perimeter of the cover and remove it. Behind the panel, you will immediately see the internal components of the Bosch washing machine.

Remove the screws of the upper strap, which connects two parts of the case. Taking the 14 mm wrench, unscrew the bolts and remove the upper counterweight. Do the same with counterweights located around the hatch.

How to remove parts at the top of the washing machine

How to perform further disassembling of the Bosch washing machine? To get the tank, you need to free up space as much as possible. Also, detach all parts attached to it.

  • To remove the cuvette of the dosing tray, disconnect the pipe leading to it. If there is a hose clamp, unclip it with pliers. Also, remove the inlet valve.
  • Now disconnect the pressure switch and anti-interference filter. To do this, disconnect the wiring from the parts and unscrew the mounting bolts. Remove the receiver from the pressure switch. Pull out the parts from the housing.

Now nothing fastens the tank from the above.

How to pull out the engine

Now you need to disconnect all fasteners and elements.

  • Remove the drive belt by slightly pulling it towards you.
  • Disconnect the wires leading to the motor.
  • Remove the bolts that hold the motor on the hangers.
  • Slightly swinging the engine from side to side, remove it from the body. Be careful because the detail is heavy!

How to remove the drain pump

Lay the washer on the left side. Then, get rid of the bottom part (if your washing machine has it) by removing the screws.

How to disassemble the Bosch washing machine:

  • Use pliers to unclip the drain pipe clamp.
  • Unplug it. Be careful as there may be water in it.
  • Spread the wires leading to the pump.
  • Remove the bolts that secure the drain pump and pull it out.

How to remove a tank

You will dismantle the tank soon. So, disconnect the wires from the heating element. In Bosch washing machines the heating element is located in the front part under the tank. Do not pull out the heater. Otherwise, you will break the sealing rubber. And it is impossible to recover this element.

Sometimes manufacturers attach wiring to the walls of the tank by fastening it with harnesses. Cut a harness with wire-cutters and put the wires to the side. Now you need to remove the shock absorbers.

  • Slide the knob on the back of the shock absorber rod to press the latch.
  • Pull the stem with pliers and pull it out of the hole.

Do the same with the second shock absorber. It remains to remove the tank from the springs. Lift it by the edges of the hatch and pull it out through the front section.

How to get to the drum

  1. Disconnect the pulley. Install support to block the rotation of the pulley. Remove the center bolt. If the task is difficult, use the WD-40 tool.
  2. Remove the bolts around the tank, which hold the two parts together.
  3. Turn over the bottom of the tank.
  4. Knocking the stem with a hammer, get the drum.
  5. Now you have access to bearings. If you need to get them, pull out the gland, prying it off with a screwdriver.

In the process of disassembly, you can carefully inspect all parts of a washing machine. In case of a malfunction, replace them.

Often scum forms on the walls of the tank and the heater, which is now clearly visible. Before re-installing, clean all the elements thoroughly. This way, you prolong the life of your washing machine. Otherwise, you will have to disassemble the device and replace the defective item again.

Author: David Hoover