How to disassemble the Bosch washer

Before you disassemble the washing machine, you need to study its design, the structure of the Bosch washing machine at least briefly. Decide what components and parts you need to remove to achieve your goal. For a complete disassembly of the Bosch washing machine you need to remove:

  • the metal back cover of the machine, as well as the top and front panels;
  • the detergent drawer;
  • the control panel;
  • the electric motor, the pump, and the heating element;
  • the pulleys and the drive belt;
  • the counterweights and shock absorbers;
  • the inlet valve, the pressure switch and tubes;
  • the lint filter and branch pipes;
  • the hatch and the lock assembly;
  • the tub and the drum.

How to remove Bosch washing machine panels

Using a screw driver, remove the two small screws holding the top panel (cover) of the washer. Next, move the panel back relative to the housing of the washing machine and remove the cover. Unscrew a few fasteners holding the metal back cover and remove it.

Pull out the detergent drawer and unscrew the control panel. There are three screws near the detergent drawer and two on top of the housing. Remove the control panel and disconnect all the wires.

Attention! Be very careful while removing the control panel as it has several fairly short bundles of wires attached. If you pull them too hard, you’ll tear them off!

Remove the narrow front panel at the bottom. It is fastened with latches and protects the lint filter and the fasteners of the central front panel. Remove the screws of the central front panel of the Bosch washing machine. Next, find the clamp fastening the rubber gasket of the hatch, and remove it by releasing the fasteners. Put the gasket inside and then pull out the central front panel.

How to remove the main parts

After removing the covers and panels, you have free access to all the necessary parts and components. Now your work is only to remove them correctly.

  1. Immediately under the top cover you can see a metal bar connecting the left and right panels of the Bosch washing machine housing. Remove the bar by releasing the screws.
  2. Unscrew the two bolts of the upper counterweight with 14 mm key. Pull out the counterweight.
  3. We have taken out the detergent drawer and unscrewed the dispenser earlier. Now only the pipes hold it. Disconnect them with a pair of pliers. In the same way, remove the pipe leading to the inlet valve and remove the dispenser.
  4. We can find the pressure switch and its tube with the wires in the upper part of the housing of the Bosch washing machine. In addition, there is also a network cable with a noise filter. Disconnect the wires from these parts and carefully remove them.

Next, unscrew the lint filter and drain the water.

Then unscrew the door and remove it. Remove the two screws located on the right of the hatch to release the lock assembly.

Warning! The lock assembly has its wiring. You cannot damage it, so pull out the lock assembly carefully.

Remove the narrow drive belt from the pulleys. It is located at the back of the Bosch washing machine. Disconnect the wiring from the motor. Remove the motor. Unscrew it with a 12 mm key. Push the motor forward and down with your hand under it. The motor should come off safely.

Now we will get down to the bottom part of the housing of the Bosch washing machine. If your model does not have a bottom cover, then you can immediately proceed to remove the pump and branch pipes. If you can see the bottom cover, you need to unscrew it.

  • Place the Bosch washing machine on the left side.
  • Unscrew the bottom cover.
  • Remove the bottom cover by releasing the plastic clamps. Take care not to tear off the wires of the leak detector.
  • Disconnect the wires from the leak detector and put the cover aside.
  • Remove the clamps of the drain pipe and pull it off the pump.
  • Disconnect the wiring from the pump, then unscrew, and remove the actual pump.
  • Unscrew the fasteners fixing the armatures to the housing. Now our washing machine is semi-disassembled.

Next, unscrew the front counterweight. Otherwise, you won’t be able to pull out the tub and the drum from the housing of the washing machine. Disconnect the wires from the heating element.

Now you only have to remove the springs on which the tub and the drum hang.

The heating element of the new models of Bosch washing machines is located at the front. Many automatic washers have it at the back.

How to remove the tub of the Bosch washing machine

Once you have removed all important and not very important parts from the housing of the washing machine, you can proceed to remove the tub. Now it won’t be very hard to pull out the tub, because we have pulled it off the springs, so it has gone 30 cm down. Grasp the outermost ends of the hatch and pull the tub and the drum towards you. The piece should just fall out through the front part.

Next, we need to disassemble the tub of the washing machine to check and replace the seals and the bearings. Bosch washing machines have collapsible tubs, so you don’t need to cut anything. Remove several screws and split the tub into two parts. The further disassembly and repair of the tub are similar for all washing machines.

In conclusion, if you made your mind to disassemble your Bosch washing machine, do not panic before you start. Be determined and success will attend you.

Author: David Hoover