How to replace bearings in the Bosch washer

The bearings of the Bosch washing machine are designed for long years of service, but due to water penetration and corrosion, these parts wear out.

The failed bearing causes loud noise and rattle during a cycle. You can hear some jarring.

Pry off the rubber gasket of the hatch and move the drum with a hand: if it is very loose, then the fault is obvious.

The steps of the repair work

  • Remove the top cover of the washer by unfastening the two screws at the back.
  • Remove the detergent dispenser.
  • Remove the screws securing the control panel: three of them are behind the dispenser and one – on the other side.
  • After removing the panel you will see the wires connected to the main module. If you decide to disconnect them, we recommend taking a photograph of the wiring to reconnect everything properly. Otherwise, just put the panel on the top of the housing.
  • Remove the bottom panel.
  • Unscrew the bolts.
  • Open the door.
  • Remove the outer clamp of the rubber gasket by prying off the gasket with a tool.
  • After that, remove the lock assembly by unscrewing the bolts.
  • Disconnect the wires and remove the lock.
  • Lift and remove the front panel.
  • Pull out the inside part of the detergent drawer.
  • Lift it up and you will notice the detergent hose.
  • Remove the spring clamp of the hose using a pair of pliers.
  • After removing the drawer, proceed to the counterweights.
  • Using the 13 mm head, unscrew the bolts.
  • After removing the top and the front counterweights, get down to the heater (located under the tub).
  • Disconnect the wires leading to it.
  • Unscrew the central nut, but not completely.
  • Push the nut inside the tub and pull out the heater.
  • Remove the branch pipe leading from the tub to the pump.
  • Get a flat container at hand, because the residual water may leak from the pipe.
  • Remove the hose of the pressure switch from the tub.
  • Loosen the clamp of the pipe by unscrewing one bolt and remove it.
  • Remove the harness attached to the tub.

Now let’s proceed to the back part of the washer. Follow the instructions:

  • Remove the back cover by loosening the screws.
  • Pull away the drive belt and, spinning the pulley, remove the belt.
  • Loosen the clips of the motor wires.
  • Remove the motor after unscrewing it.
  • Loosen the fastener and remove the pressure chamber.
  • Remove the shock absorber by removing the pin at the bottom.
  • Remove the tub with the drum from the housing by loosening the springs.
  • Place it on a flat surface.
  • Loosen the spring clamp and remove it, and then remove the rubber seal of the hatch.
  • Turn over the drum and remove the pulley.
  • Unscrew the bolt using a 13 mm head.
  • Unscrew the bolts keeping the halves of the tub together.
  • Release the plastic latches and split the tub in two parts.
  • After taking out the drum, you will see the bearings in the back part of the tub.
  • Use supports to stabilize the tub.
  • Set the chisel on the bearing, tap on it with a mallet and knock it out.

Now the most difficult part of the disassembly work is over. Before installing the new parts clean up the bearing housing well. You can use a sponge soaked in some descaler.

Replace the bearings on your Bosch washing machine: install a new part by gently tapping on the outside edge of the housing with the mallet. If the bearing is stable, it means it is in its place so the installation is over. Repeat the steps with the second bearing.

After greasing the surface, place the oil seal over the bearing and install it by tapping with a rubber mallet.

Put the half of the tub on the shaft and assemble the washer in the reverse order.

Author: David Hoover