How to replace brushes in Bosch washer

Over time, the electric motor brushes get erased in Bosch washing machines. It causes the engine to break down. The repair takes a little time. But it takes more to get the motor out of a washing machine case.

Causes and signs for a malfunction

Electro brushes target is to transmit the voltage to the rotor windings, thereby driving the engine. Manufacturers install soft materials that easily pass electricity. The only demerit is that they quickly erase. Although there is a trick for users.

The soft brush material protects the motor anchor from damage. The advantage is that it is much cheaper to replace brushes than an anchor.

The service life depends on the frequency of use of a washing machine, as well as compliance with the rules of operation.

Symptoms of a failure

If you have a modern washing machine with a self-diagnostic system, then the E02 error code appears on display. However, a user can guess about the fault by external signs:

  • Power loss. The drum is not gaining the needed speed.
  • At full wear of brushes, a user hears noise and crackle sound.
  • A washing machine stops in the middle of the process. Most likely, the motor does not work, and the brushes get worn out.
  • A user notices a burning smell.

For replacement, choose brushes that fit your washing machine model. The wrong choice leads to a breakdown of the motor. Going to a shop, take an old part and show it to the seller.

How to remove and replace the brushes in Bosch washing machines.

Prepare your appliance for repair. Disconnect it from the network and communications. Removing the intake hose, drain water from it. Unscrew the drain filter located behind the hatch, at the front panel bottom. Remove the filter and drain water, placing a basing under it before.

Now move the washing machine away, getting access to the back panel. Start removing the engine:

  • Using a head screwdriver, remove the screws around the perimeter of the back cover.
  • Remove the panel and set aside.
  • The motor is located under the washer’s tank. To get to it, you need to remove the drive belt. Pull it slightly forward while spinning the drum pulley.
  • Take a picture of the wiring of the engine for further connection.
  • Disconnect all wires. Remove the bolts (there are usually three to four pieces) that fix the motor.
  • Pull the motor out of a washing machine slightly towards to get it out.

Brushes replacement

Where are the brushes in washing machines? You can find them on the sides of the motor housing.

The appearance of the engine states about the wear of the brushes. Some graphite dust will cover the device. It is the material used to manufacture the elements.

After you find the brushes, disconnect the wire terminal. Then click on the contact, lowering it. Pull on the edge of the spring and pull out the part.

To install new items, place them in the socket and connect the wire. It remains to mount the motor in place to properly grind the motor brushes.

After the replacement, start the washing process by selecting a long mode so that all the parts could grind. You do not need to put a drive belt. Start your washing machine in a test mode.

At first, you may hear a noise, but it will pass with time. Repair is over, you have done an excellent job.

Author: David Hoover