How to replace the bearing in the Bosch washer

You will not be able to miss the moment when the bearing collapses in the Bosch washing machine. It would be better, of course, to detect a breakdown earlier. However, when the machine starts to produce a monstrous rumble during washing, it is necessary to immediately stop it and start repairing it.

Replacing the bearing in the Bosch washing machine can be made yourself without the participation of an expert

Prepare for repair

Having decided to replace the bearing in the Bosch brand washing machine, you must first carefully prepare for such a serious repair so that later in the process you do not run and look for the missing tool or material. Let’s start with the preparation of the washing machine itself. Disconnect the power cord from the power supply network, shut off the water and then unscrew the filler hose. Disconnect the drain hose from the sewer pipe, place the washing machine in a place convenient for its disassembly.

It is better to have as much space as possible around the disassembled washing machine. In such a way the work will go much faster and it will be more convenient to disassemble it.

Disassembly of the washing machine

Disassembly process in stages:

  • Unscrew the two bolts and remove the top cover of the Bosch washing machine. Remove the detergent drawer and remove it to the side.
  • Open the hatch of the washing machine as wide as possible and remove the cuff from it.
  • Unscrew the bolts holding the device to lock the door, but the device itself does not need to be removed. Only disconnect the wire that is connected to it.
  • Unscrew the bolts that hold the front of the Bosch washing machine. One bolt is located near the hole for the detergent drawer, another is near the debris filter and one more – in the lower left corner of the front of the machine body – three of them in total.
  • Remove the water bay unit together with the nozzles. Remove it carefully so as not to damage the plastic parts.
  • Unscrew the two bolts located on the right and left of the dispenser opening. Hook the control panel with a flat screwdriver and carefully release the plastic fasteners and remove the panel.

There are a lot of wires connected to the control panel of the Bosch washing machine. They do not need to be disconnected.

  • Put the washing machine on its side. Get to the drain pipe from the bottom. Remove the clamp from it and then pull off the pipe itself.
  • Turn off the shock absorbers, thus freeing the Bosch washing machine tank and remove the drive belt.
  • Put the machine back on its “legs” and remove the pressure switch. Remove the hose from the pressure switch very carefully so as not to damage the fragile tube.
  • Disconnect the back wall, remove the motor, disconnect the wires from the heating element.
  • Unscrew the transverse bar so that it does not prevent us from pulling the tank through the top.
  • Now, using the help of someone from the household, we pull off the springs and pull out the tank with the drum and counterweight over the top. At first, you could unscrew and remove the counterweight. Then pull out the tank with the drum, but it was really inconvenient to unscrew it (it is difficult to reach some of the bolts).
  • Unscrew the bolt that holds the pulley. If it does not loosen immediately, soak it with WD-40 grease.
  • Unscrew all the bolts that hold the halves of the Bosch washing machine tank and disassemble the tank.
  • Remove the back part of the washing machine tank together with the bearings from the drum shaft. Now we have completed the disassembly of the washing machine and can begin the replacement of bearings in the Bosch brand washing machine.

Replacement of the bearing in the Bosch washing machine

Replacing the bearing at this stage is easy. First, carefully remove the old bearings and carefully clean the installation location of new ones. If you cannot reach them at once, then take a punch and a hammer and begin to punch them out.

Remember! It is necessary to punch out the bearing from the outside of the tank inward.

Make careful cleaning of the seat of the bearing. There should be no burrs, shavings and dirt. Drive new bearings into place. Do not forget to lubricate them and put a retaining ring. Be careful when installing new bearings. No direct punches with hammer should be applied to a new bearing; if you need to apply force properly, punch with a rubber mallet. Once the bearings are installed, you can assemble the Bosch washing machine and test it

Author: David Hoover