How to replace the heating element in the Bosch washer

The service centers workers say the failure of the heating element is the most frequent malfunction. In this article we will consider the causes of failure of the heater. What are the signs of the heater failure and how to replace the heating element in the Bosch washing machine?

Why the heater breaks

Hot water is of extreme importance for an effective and high-quality washing cycle. Still, unfortunately, the service life of the heater is limited to 3-5 years.

There are several reasons why the part fails:

  • Normal wear and tear. The element constantly heats and cools, and it reduces its service life.
  • Unfiltered water contains salts which do not dissolve and are deposited on the heater surface. The thicker the scale layer, the poorer the heat exchange is. As a result, the heating element overheats and burns.
  • The voltage drops in the mains can lead to a short circuit. It, in turn, leads to the chain breakage and the breakdown of the housing.
    The failed triac on the electronic board may cause the heater malfunction as well. The triac is responsible for the operation of the heater, so when it malfunctions, the heater receives no signal.
    Then you need to replace or repair the heating element in the Bosch washing machine.

We recommend using water softeners or installing a water filter for the continuous service life of the heater.

Malfunction signs

Cold water is a sign of the heating element failure in Bosch washing machines.

Touch the glass of the hatch within 20 minutes from the start of the cycle to check it. If it is warm, the heater works properly, if cold – it malfunctions.

Check the clothes after washing. If washed in cold water, the clothes come out not clean enough and smell musty. In some cases the washing machine gives the warning by displaying an F19 error code. Then the user knows for sure what part to check.

The steps of the repair work

Before you remove the heater from the Bosch washing machine, you need to remove the front panel:

  • Unplug the machine from the mains.
  • Remove the top cover by loosening the two screws at the back.
  • Put the cover away and pull out the detergent dispenser by pressing the latch in the center.
  • Unscrew the three bolts located behind the dispenser.
  • Remove another bolt at the other side of the control panel and lift the panel upwards.
  • Put the screws from the panel aside.
  • Remove the bottom panel. You can use a flathead screwdriver if the panel is fixed with the latches.
  • Open the door of the washer and remove the clamp by prying off the rubber gasket.
  • Put the rubber gasket into the drum.
  • Unscrew the last screws securing the door. Don’t forget about the bolts securing the lock assembly.
  • Put the front panel aside.

Now you have got access to the part. How to replace the heating element in the Bosch washing machine? The steps are as follows:

  • the heater is located at the bottom of the drum;
  • take a picture of the wiring so that you will be able to reconnect them properly;
  • unplug the connectors and remove the wires from the part;
  • loosen the nut of the central screw, but not completely;
  • push the bolt inside to press the seal;
  • remove the heating element by prying off the edges with a flat head screwdriver.

Now remove the thermistor from the old heater and install the new one. Apply some detergent on the seal of the part to facilitate reinstallation. Clean up the housing of the heater from dirt and scale and set the heater in place by connecting all the wires.

Our recommendations and your consistency will help you to do the work.

Author: David Hoover