How to replace the Siemens dishwasher pump

The full operation of the dishwasher depends on the appropriate pump work. It is designed to supply water into the basin under high pressure. If the element fails suddenly, the dishwasher will immediately malfunction.

How to replace the Siemens dishwasher pump
How to replace the Siemens dishwasher pump

The causes of the dishwasher pump failure

You can identify easily that the pump is broken. Just listen carefully to the sound it makes while working. If the failure is ultimate, the water pressure will be minimum or you’ll get no water at all. Consequently, the basin will remain completely dry during the cycle.

As a rule, the problems with the pump are caused by the following reasons:

  • wear;
  • the failed contacts connecting the pump to the mains;
  • the overvoltage resulting in burning out.

How to replace the Siemens dishwasher pump

Before the repair get all necessary tools for disassembling the appliance. Make sure the appliance is not connected to the centralised water supply system, the sewer and the electricity network.

You need a screwdriver (slotted and cruciform), an adjustable wrench or a ring spanner to get good results. If the hex bolts are used, get a hex screwdriver.

Actually, you need a new pump for the repair work. Experience has shown that the pump fails completely in most cases. So you need an absolutely new element made for your appliance.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Remove the protective cover at the bottom or at the back (depending on the dishwasher type);
  2. You can locate the pump quite easily. It is located near the inlet hose. Pull off the hose;
  3. Loosen the clamps connecting the pump to the network;
  4. Unscrew the bolts and remove the pump.
  5. Install a new pump in the reverse order.
Author: David Hoover