How to start electrolux dishwasher

Finally, the long-awaited acquisition of the first dishwasher happened. After all, more recently, such device by Bosch or Siemens significantly underlined the status of its owners. It is extremely important to find out how to properly operate the Electrolux dishwasher and how to run it for the first time. Therefore, do not rush, it is better to carefully read the technical instructions for the unit.

Preparing for the first running

Having removed the packaging from a new kitchen appliance, carefully inspect it. If there are any complaints about the state of the unit, it is better to immediately call a specialist from the service. If everything is in order with the dishwasher, it is necessary to check the equipment, remove the safety locks and start the installation.

After installing the device, the majority of consumers have an irresistible desire to turn on the dishwasher and evaluate the results of its operation. Many manufacturers, such as Asko, Whirlpool, and Electrolux strongly recommend a mandatory test run.

A test run is at the same time an opportunity to verify the correct installation of the device:

  • The appliance should be located on a firm, level surface. Even a slight deviation from the horizontal level can lead to malfunctions and additional noise or vibrations.
  • It is not recommended to install a dishwasher under the kitchen hob. It will give off excess heat, and its magnetic emitting can lead to incorrect work.
  • Ensure that the electrical outlet is working properly. The connecting wire of the machine should not be heated when it is switched on. It is recommended not to use extension cords when connecting to AC power.
  • Pay particular attention to the serviceability of the cold water supply valve. It must completely cover the water. This is necessary for prompt shutdown in case of leakage.
  • It is necessary to check the water pipe. If possible, an additional filter must be installed.
  • When connecting the device to the sewer, it is important to make sure that the drain hose is not bent and not clamped. It is necessary to fix it well in the corresponding hole in the dishwasher.
  • When closing the dishwasher door, a characteristic click sound should be heard. The impeller should rotate evenly and smoothly.

Why do we need an idle start

As noted in the operating instructions for the Electrolux dishwasher, the test run of the device is an unavoidable procedure needed before the start of a constant operation. Only with this procedure, you can be sure of the correct operating mode of the dishwasher. At the same time, it will clear it from dust and dirt appeared after transporting.

Some parts of the dishwasher come from the factory in the working lubrication. There may be small garbage inside the device. With further work, it can clog filters.

Many consumers want to immediately load kitchen utensils for the very first time and check the effectiveness of the new purchase. It is not right.

The first wash cycle is necessary to get rid of the technical grease and factory debris that may be inside the unit. These unpleasant substances on kitchen utensils can only disappoint the owner of the machine. Therefore, it is enough to install all the baskets in the tank.

During the test running it is necessary to clarify:

  • the speed of water gaining;
  • water heating degree;
  • whether the draining of water is completed at the end of the cycle;
  • type of drying in the dishwasher and the correct temperature settings.

All listed functions should work properly.

The order of the first run of the dishwasher electrolux

Carefully inspect the internal surfaces of the device, remove unnecessary stickers from them, get rid of packing pads and pieces of wire, foam balls.

Important! Before the test run of the device it is necessary to open the water, otherwise, the washing program will not start.

Do not touch the dishwasher with wet hands. Also carry out a test run only indoors, by no means outdoors.

Attention! The test flushing of the unit does not yet indicate that it should be carried out without detergent ingredients. The detergent, and also salt are mandatory for the first run.

At the beginning of the test, it is necessary to determine what is desirable to use for washing: liquid gel, powder, or tablets. Indicate which mean is used by pressing the buttons on the device’s control panel.

If you have no experience in the operation of such a device before and don’t have skills in using household chemicals, that is, it makes sense to purchase a starter kit. It consists of the obligatory ingredients for the full operation of the device. Now you can start the test run:

Initially, it is necessary to put the lower basket on yourself. In the bottom of the unit, you can see the compartment for salt. Remove the lid and fill the dishwasher compartment with Electrolux ion salt in the right amount. It is also used to reduce water hardness (about 400 gm). To do this, you can use a special funnel that comes with the device. To ensure that the salt does not fuse into a ball, it is advisable to pour a liter of water into the receiver. Excess of this water will go to the tank, it’s not dangerous.

Place the required amount of detergent in the particular compartment and set the necessary options on the front panel. Some models recognize chemistry on their own.

Preliminary, determine the rigidity of tap water using the test strip. Then it is necessary to enter in the memory of the dishwasher the salt supply mode, which is determined by the hardness of the water. If the equipment for any reason remains without the electrical energy supply, then in almost all models these settings will have to be reintroduced. Also, set the middle-temperature mode on the control panel.

Set any wash mode, gently fix the door and press “Start”.


If the test run was rated “good”, and the device did not reveal any flaws, then the test run can be considered complete. The dishwasher should cool down, the detergent must be added, but the salt and rinse aid will last for a long time.

Author: David Hoover