LG dishwasher error code AE

Sometimes the dishwasher cannot complete the cycle. It stops working and displays the AE error code. In this case, no modes are active. This is how the self-protection system works since the LG dishwasher error code AE ​​signals a water leak. If the technician continues the program, water will flood the electronic components and cause a short.

LG dishwasher error code AE

Error AE: description

This combination of symbols arises from the leakage sensor. A small float element is activated when there is water in the sump and sends a signal to the control board. But it happens that the AE error code is associated with a short-term failure. To reset it, unplug the dishwasher for at least 10-15 minutes and turn it back on.

If the problem persists, try drying the container at the bottom:

  • unscrew the bolts or loosen the latches on all sides of the bottom panel;
  • get access to the pallet;
  • drain the liquid from it and remove the remaining moisture with a towel.

This will allow you to rinse the dishes a few more times until the water builds up again if the leak is not severe. For the AE error to disappear forever, it is necessary to find and eliminate the latent malfunction.

Causes of error AE

If the pan is full, you need to find out where the water is coming from. If empty, determine which component gives erroneous signals and make the self-diagnostic system “think” that a non-existent leak has occurred.

Increased foaming

Increased foaming in the dishwasher

In the LG dishwasher instructions, the AE error code is often associated with using a large amount of detergent. When the dispenser is overfilled, excess foam forms, which flows into the base and raises the float switch; in this case, you need to reduce the dosage, following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Clogged drain system

Blockage in the drain system in the LG dishwasher

Start the test with the drain hose, disconnecting the device from communications. Ensure it is not clogged with food debris that prevents water from going down the drain and causing an AE error code.

Then clean the filter:

  • open the door;
  • find the filter element on the bottom panel;
  • remove it and rinse it under the tap.

Defective inlet valve

VIDEO: Replacing the inlet valve in the LG dishwasher

Check the mechanical part of the intake valve for clogging. When inspecting it, look for traces of rust. If present, the part must be replaced. Its price is from $ 25-30.

Broken hose

Ensure that the water runs down the drain, that all hoses are intact, that the seals are tight, and that the connections are not loose. Damage is often found at the base of the dishwasher, where moisture collects. For the AE error to stop appearing, the worn-out pipe must be replaced. It will cost $ 30-70 (depending on the dishwasher model).

Problematic water level sensor

Replacing the water level sensor in the dishwasher LG

It can become clogged or broken. Remove the sensor from the housing and wash. Also, use a multimeter to check the contacts. If the problem is obvious, install a new part. The assembly costs about $ 30.

Worn door seals or pumps

The rubber door gasket is in contact with chemicals and is constantly used in conditions of suspended humidity. All this leads to physical damage: it shrinks, warps, breaks, and cracks. As a result, the door latch starts to close poorly, water seeps into the bottom panel, and the system issues an AE error code. To fix the situation, you need:

  • unscrew the inner bolts;
  • remove the front wall and bottom rack;
  • remove the door seal and install a new one;
  • put the panel back in place.

When the drain pump gasket, which is designed to protect against moisture, wears out, the liquid can accumulate at the bottom, under the dishwasher itself. It should also be replaced.

Defective Spray Arm

blockage in the nozzle (sprinkler, impeller) of the dishwasher LG

This node is rarely the cause of an error, especially in newer models, but some LG dishwashers have an AE error code for this reason, namely, if the spray jet is in the wrong direction. This is because the holes in the spray arm clog over time, changing the water flow angle. This happens very rarely – only when the spray arm delaminates under the pressure of boiling water. As a result, the scatter of water goes in different directions and not in a dish. To fix the damage, the spray arm must be replaced with a new one. An original part costs $ 20 or more.

Defective leakage sensor

Most dishwashers have an Aquastop protection system. It is a small float switch on the bottom panel that, when wet, gives a signal to drain. It works even from a small amount of moisture, which causes an AE error on display: the device stops filling, turns on the pump motor, and reports a leak.

But sometimes, the same thing happens when the pan is dry. This means that the sensor is out of order. It is necessary to check its operation, examine the wiring and connections. The defective sensor will have to be replaced. It costs at least $ 10.

Damaged control box

The AE error code also occurs due to the central control board. If the processor is in order, it can be repaired: re-solder some elements, restore the tracks. If not, a complete module replacement is required.

VIDEO: How fix AE error code in LG dishwasher

Author: David Hoover