LG dishwasher error code FE

If the LG dishwasher is displaying the FE error code, it means a filling problem is detected, so the pump is turning on and draining the water.

LG dishwasher error code FE

The causes of the malfunction are as follows:

  • The failure of the leak protection system.
  • The defective intake valve.
  • A body breach, a hose/pipe seal failure.
  • The worn drain pump seal.

Also, you should check:

  1. If the installation is proper. Inspect whether the hoses are secured firmly or whether there’s a leak.
  2. If the door is closed tightly. In order to avoid an accident, the appliance will constantly drain the water even if there is a small gap. Close the door tight.

Still, there is a thing to do before you start searching for the causes of the FE error code in the LG dishwasher. First, you need to eliminate the software failure of the control board. In order to do this, unplug the LG dishwasher for 10-15 minutes, and then turn it back on. If the error is still there, then proceed with the troubleshooting.

A leak protection system failure

The Aquastop system is integrated into the majority of modern LG dishwashers. It protects the user from an emergency caused by water leaks. So when the bottom panel gets some water, the foam float rises and activates the switch. The switch sends a signal to the electronic module, and the latter – to the drain pump. The water is drained then.

Because of the malfunctioning Aquastop, the system will show the F E error code on the LG dishwasher display. The wrong activation may be caused by the scale on the float.

In order to fix it, you need to drain the water from the bottom panel. If the Aquastop system is mechanical in your appliance, you need to install a new hose. Then the problem will be solved. If the protection system is electronic, follow the next steps:

  • after unplugging the dishwasher, place it on the back panel;
  • remove the bottom cover (if any), it is bolted or latched;
  • the leak sensor is fixed on the inside of the cover;
  • disconnect its wiring and remove the screw;
  • install the new part in reverse order.

The inlet valve and pressure switch malfunctions

The code may also appear on the LG dishwasher display because of the improper inlet valve and the level sensor cooperation. The pressure switch sends information to the board about the amount of water in the tub. If the information provided is wrong, the system will get water and drain water when you turn on the appliance.

The inlet solenoid valve has a membrane. When power is off, the membrane closes the path, but as soon as the valve receives an impulse, the barrier opens and the water fills in. Either mechanical or electronic part may be faulty.

Start with checking the valve:

  • close the stop valve;
  • if the pump is still making noise, pull the plug out;
  • disconnect the water intake hose from the dishwasher;
  • remove the filter screen;
  • check the electronic element of the valve with a multimeter: touch one tester probe to a terminal. Normal readings are supposed to keep within 500-1,500 ohms;
  • inspect the valve for a clog.

The element is beyond repair so replace it with the original spare part in case of failure.

The pressure switch can be located under the bottom of the appliance. The part is a tank to which the pressure tubes are connected. You can make sure the sensor is working properly by using a multimeter or blowing into the tube. Can you hear anything clicking? Then the part is all right. If not, replace it.

The faulty electronic board

Most often, the fill-and-drain problem is caused by a faulty triac located on the board. Each element of the module is responsible for the operation of different units and parts. That’s why if one of them has burnt, the pump may operate continuously until the power supply is off. The causes of the faulty board are as follows:

  1. A short circuit or a power surge. Have you installed the dishwasher without a voltage regulator? There is a risk of the electronic parts to malfunction.
  2. Moisture penetration. The water may enter the module when you transport the appliance.

The triac can be resoldered, but that is a work for a professional. You can only inspect the module:

  • fully open the LG dishwasher door;
  • unscrew the bolts on all sides;
  • lift the door and remove the control panel;
  • there is a module under the panel;
  • disconnect the black wire leading to the sensor;
  • remove the module bolts and connectors;
  • check it.

The worn pump seal

It is not the main reason for the FE fault to occur in the LG dishwasher. Still, if you have ruled out all the others, then it remains to check the circulation pump. The motor supplies the water to the spray arms steadily, which makes the dishes clean. Unfortunately, you cannot replace just the seal if worn. There is no individual supply of the parts, and the pump (in most models) is not dismountable.

How to replace it yourself:

  • get access to the bottom of the dishwasher;
  • disconnect the wiring;
  • loosen the clamp that connects the pipe to the pump by using the pliers;
  • disconnect the pipe and the drain hose;
  • remove the mounting screws;
  • remove the part from the body and install a new one.

Also carefully inspect the pipes for being intact. If they are leaky or loose, you’d better install new pipes.

The dishwasher damaged tub may leak as well. In this case, the bottom panel will constantly overflow. If the error code does not disappear and you can not find the cause, then you need a specialist to examine the device.

Author: David Hoover