LG dishwasher error code HE

In LG dishwasher error code HE appears only at the end of the cycle when the dishwasher enters the drying mode. It is not difficult to identify the problem by external signs: the dishes remain wet and cold, or vice versa – it becomes too hot.

LG dishwasher error code HE

Error HE: description

This is an error of the heater circuit, which, in addition to it, includes a thermistor and a control relay. It occurs in two cases:

  • if the sensor detects that the temperature has risen to 194°F (90°C);
  • if the device cannot heat water for a certain period.

But note: error code HE is displayed only in equipment with the serial number 812 and higher. In earlier models, this function is not provided: their self-diagnosis system does not report problems with the heating element.

Hold back on disassembling the dishwasher. First adjust the temperature of the water supply: it should be less than 158°F (70°C). It does not apply to devices of the LDF6920 series with the number 906 and higher – for them, the manufacturer has changed the program, so that they do not display HE when hot water is supplied. Also note that the temperature must be higher than 120°F (50°C), otherwise the appliance will not have time to raise it to the desired mark and will display error code HE.

If water supply is normal, carry out the rebooting:

  • press POWER;
  • turn the switch to OFF, wait for 10 seconds and return it to the ON position;
  • press the POWER button again;
  • start a cycle and check if error HE appears.


If restarting the equipment did not help, then the problem is caused not by a short-term failure of the main module, but by other factors. Examine the heater circuit and everything connected with it.

Loose or damaged wiring

Does it seem to you the water is not hot enough? Switch off the dishwasher and check the harness connections on the heating element and pressure switch. At the same time, examine the wiring that goes to the control board.

To access the entire electrical circuit, remove the door panel. Many LG dishwashers have insulation in this area which becomes soft and sticky when heated. When stuck in it, the wires break when the door is opened/closed. It can cause not only error code HE, but also other symbol combinations.

Faulty heating element

It breaks down if the dishwasher does not drain excess water before drying. This problem is caused by clogged filters, a clogged sewage, a pinched drain hose, a broken pump, etc.

Disconnect the wiring from the heater and measure its resistance with a multimeter. It should be about 12 Ω. Infinite resistance suggests that it’s time to change the part. Its price is about $ 40.

Inoperative thermistor

If the relay sends 120 VAC to the heating element, but error HE still appears, then the temperature sensor is the reason. Check its resistance at 75°F (23 – 24°C) – it should be 11.320 Ω. Any deviation from the norm by more than 10% is considered a sign of malfunction.

You won’t manage to install a new thermistor: it is located on the mounting bracket of the heater, which is not serviceable. To replace it, you have to buy the entire subunit.

Defective pressostat

This component determines how much water flows to the heater and switches it off when the flow rate is insufficient. So if everything is in order with the temperature sensor check the pressure switch – it can also cause error code HE in LG dishwasher. A new pressure switch costs $ 30.

PCB software failure

In dishwashers of the LDF7932 series, the main board EBR38144402 generates error code HE when water is heated to 158°F (70°C). Knowing this, the manufacturer has produced a new reprogrammed module EBR38144404, which does not recognize a slight temperature rise as a malfunction. It costs from $ 200.

Burnt-out relay on the control board

If water in the dishwasher is too hot (190°F (87°C)), check the heating relay. It is located on the PCB, so it regularly passes 500 – 1000 W of constant electric current. Under a high load, the part melts and becomes unusable. In this case, you will have to buy a new board for $ 125 – 150.

Author: David Hoover