LG dishwasher error code IE or 1E

Before generating error code IE, LG dishwasher behaves unusually: the cycle begins, the pump turns on, but water does not enter. You cannot hear the usual purling. The program does not go to the next mode. All this indicates problems with filling the tank.

LG dishwasher error code IE or 1E

Error 1E or IE: description

In LG dishwasher error, IE means only one thing: the appliance did not have time to tank water for a certain period (from 30 seconds to 10 minutes for different models), and now it is not enough water to start washing dishes. In addition to the official version of the error, there is an unofficial one: some users confuse the letter with the number and read IE as 1E. But, in LG dishwasher, error code 1E is not provided.

Typically, the tank does not fill due to low pressure. Check out anything that can reduce the flow rate:

  • quality of water supply – it is possible that there is no water in the whole house;
  • pipeline – blockages and icing worsen patency;
  • shut-off valve – if it is closed or only half open, error code 1E

After that, try to unplug the dishwasher for 15 – 20 minutes to eliminate failure in the control module.

Possible reasons

If the network pressure is normal, but error IE continues to appear, check the primary nodes and elements. First of all, those which affect the filling of the tank.

1. Problematic hoses

Make sure that everything is in order with the inlet hose: it is not clogged, not bent, not twisted, not damaged or not pinched. At the same time, pay attention to the drainage system: when it is improperly connected to the drainage pipe, a siphon effect occurs. The fluid begins to flow uncontrollably into the pipeline, causing error code 1E.

2. Dirty filter

The filtering mesh at the filler hose outlet is often clogged with impurities. Disconnect it, soak for 1 – 2 hours in a solution of citric acid, rinse and reinstall.

3. Damaged wiring

This entails the wires connecting the water supply valve to the control board. They pass through the bottom side of the door and touch with sound insulation, which heats and melts in the drying mode. Because of this, cable products get stuck in the resinous substance and break, causing error IE in LG dishwasher. Remove the door, check the wiring, and restore places of breakage.

4. Broken pressure switch

Sometimes error IE code appears due to a faulty level sensor. In the normal state, this element controls the volume of liquid and provides the corresponding signals to the control module. If you hear the water is draining out, and the system is still reporting its absence, then the problem is in the pressure switch. It cannot determine if the tank is full due to a blockage or breakage.

A clogged pipe needs to be cleaned, and a faulty sensor needs to be replaced. It costs about $ 30. If it was the reason, error IE would disappear.

5. Faulty inlet valve

The next thing to check is the water supply valve. When it does not open or reacts to the signal too late, error code 1E appears in LG dishwasher with every attempt to fill the tank. First, you need to examine a faulty part:

  • inspect the flaps – they may be dirty and sticky;
  • check the solenoids and replace them if necessary;
  • make sure that the wiring does not require repair;
  • measure the electrical resistance (norm is from 950 Ω to 1300 Ω).

Instead of a faulty intake valve, you will have to install a new one, so that error 1E does not return any more. It costs from $ 25 – 30.

6. Damaged microcircuit

Sometimes the tank of the dishwasher does not fill up because the electronic controller is out of order. In 90% of cases, it is repairable – it is enough to solder the paths and replace the burned bidirectional thyristor (TRIAC) or the relay responsible for the operation of the inlet valve. In more severe cases, you will have to change the entire control board, but it happens extremely seldom.

Author: David Hoover