LG dishwasher error code LE

In LG dishwasher error code LE often appears in the first half of the cycle. When starting any mode, the pump begins draining, then the inlet valve opens and tanks water. But when the time for washing dishes comes, the appliance interrupts the program: an unusual noise is heard from the inside, and error code LE appears on display.

LG dishwasher error code LE

Description of error LE

It is displayed on the board when problems with water circulation occur. The recirculation pump is responsible for this process. It delivers a stream to the rocker nozzles, causing them to rotate. The liquid is sprayed on the working container, washes away the remaining food, drains to the bottom, passes through the filter, and enters the tank. Then the pump sends the purified water to the nozzles again.

When it stops functioning, error LE or CE appears. Sometimes it is caused by engine overheating. Let it cool for 30 – 45 minutes and restart the cycle. You can also do the following:

  • Press the Power button to stop operation;
  • set the rotary switch to the Off position and wait for 10 seconds;
  • turn it back;
  • Press Power to start the appliance.

It would help to clear error code LE if it appeared due to a failure of the control module. But it is worth taking into account external factors: in LG dishwashers, such a combination often appears under reduced voltage.

Probable reasons

If error LE persists after the engine cools down and rebooting the electronic controller does not help, check the circulation pump and the components linked with it. To do this, disconnect the machine from the mains and remove it from the cabinet.

The integrity of the wiring is broken

Examine the harness that connects the pump and control board. It may be poorly fixed or damaged. To access it, you need to remove the door panel. Untwist the screws around the inner perimeter and remove the glued insulation.

Below you will see a bunch of wires in a white plastic guide. They can get stuck in black resin, which is used for soundproofing, so they break when the door is opened/closed. In many LG dishwasher models, error code LE often arises precisely because of this. To solve the problem, free the damaged ends from the resinous substance, strip, solder and wrap with insulating tape.

Blocked pump

Make sure that the impeller and rotor are not frozen or clogged with debris. When they do not move, the flow of water to the rocker nozzles stops, which causes error code LE. It is necessary to remove everything that prevents their free rotation.

Damaged pump elements

If nothing is stuck in the impeller and rotor, examine them for damage. At the same time, check the condition of the liners – they often wear out when moisture gets in and needs to be replaced. Due to the complexity of the repair, a proficient should do this. Also, do not forget to find and repair the source of the leak.

Sometimes the engine turns out to be faulty. When wet, it fails, wherefore error LE appears. To dismantle it, you should:

  • put the dishwasher on the back wall;
  • remove the cover;
  • untwist the three screws on the ground wires on the bracket;
  • disconnect the harness;
  • remove the four fasteners that fix the circulation pump motor inside the dishwasher.

After that, you need to install a new assembled pump, which costs about $ 90.

Main control board fails

If the mechanical parts and wiring are in working condition, all that remains is to check the PCB – it also causes error code LE in LG dishwasher. It may have burnt-out contacts, tracks, and elements that need to be re-soldered. If the processor is damaged or is strongly melted, the microcircuit will have to be replaced entirely. Its average price is $ 150 – 200.

Author: David Hoover