LG refrigerator error code 1F

If LG refrigerator error code 1F appears on the display, then you need to get ready to thaw the ice maker and to accumulate moisture on the freezer door. To prevent this from happening, you need to have time to take the necessary measures.

What is error 1F related to?

The error indicates problems with the ice-cube freezing system of the two-door Side-by-Side refrigerators. The reasons for its appearance:

  • engine failure;
  • software failure;
  • violation of wiring contacts;
  • fan breakdown or blocking.

How to fix the problem yourself?

The 1F error code will disappear if you take a number of simple steps:

  • disconnect the unit from the outlet;
  • free the camera from ice and food;
  • leave the doors open for 8-10 hours;
  • dry the thawed refrigerator;
  • clean the fan of debris and ice;
  • connect the device to the mains;
  • Wait 24-36 hours for the freezer to work at full strength.

In addition, the manufacturer offers several more ways to independently solve the problem. To prevent 1F error from appearing:

  • adjust the appropriate speed of rotation of the blades using the Ice Plus button;
  • make sure that the holes at the transition from the refrigerator to the freezer are not blocked, and if necessary, clean them;
  • check the door closure density, align it or replace the freezer seal (its price is $ 46-$ 67);
  • reset error code 1F by turning off the equipment for 5 minutes without defrosting and reconnecting to the mains.

When you need to contact the service service?

There are several serious problems that require qualified inspection and repair of equipment.

Ice maker broken

An ice generator fails if it is operating at maximum power for a long time. There is only one solution – replacing the entire assembly. Its cost is $ 112.

Faulty fan motor

In this case, error 1F will disappear if you dismantle the defective motor and install a new one. The average market price for a part is $ 50.

Damaged cooler blades

They cost $ 7-$ 9 and are easy to change. After the repair, LG refrigerator error code 1F will no longer appear on the display, as normal cooling air circulation will be restored.

Wiring breakage

A cliff can be detected visually or with a multimeter. Then twist the ends and insulate them. Check the connectors.

Burned control board

To eliminate such a breakdown and remove error code 1F, it is necessary to replace the controller or main module. It will cost an average of 84 $ -250 $ (based on the model of the refrigerator).

Author: David Hoover