LG washer dryer combo Cd error code

LG had her dryer combo Cd error appears a few minutes after the drying is complete when the laundry is in the drum. The hatch remains locked.

LG washer dryer combo Cd error code
LG washer dryer combo Cd error code

What caused the Cd error?

The error is found only in modern models of the combined type: washer + dryer. It is an informational message that the clothing cooling mode is running.

The cycle lasts 4 hours. During this time, the machine periodically scrolls the drum to redistribute the laundry – 25 seconds every 5 minutes. So the clothes cool and straighten to prevent wrinkling.

How to solve a problem?

So that the washing machine does not show the error code Cd, you need to monitor the end of the cycle carefully.

  1. Unload the laundry from the drum as soon as the drying process is completed. Its end is signaled by the message “End of a cycle,” displayed on display for 9 seconds.
  2. To get clothes after the warning, “Press any button to unload the items” or “Unload” (“Press any button to unload” or “Unload”). It appears for only 3 seconds, alternating with a signal about the end of drying. To unlock the door, as indicated, click on one of the buttons.
  3. Wait for the cooling mode to expire. Then the machine itself will stop working and unlock the hatch. The duration of the program is 4 hours.

What repair is needed?

drying clothes with a washing machine

Since the Cd error is not related to a breakdown, no drastic intervention is necessary. The equipment is fully operational and does not require special maintenance. The only measure is to follow the LG washer dryer combo: Cd error indicates that the washing and drying program has been completed. This message is preferably not to be skipped.

Author: David Hoover