LG washer dryer error code dHE

When the dHE error code appears on the screen, LG washer dryer stops the further cycle of work. The laundry remains wet and the machine subsequently shuts down.

LG washer dryer error code dHE
LG washer dryer error code dHE

What is the dHE error related to?

The source of the error in this case is a problem with the heating drying system. It can be caused by:

  1. clogged duct;
  2. a contaminated fan;
  3. a temporary failure of the electronics.

How to fix the problem on your own?

You can prevent the dHE error code yourself, without contacting a service center. But before that, you must definitely take precautions – disconnect the equipment from the network.

And then:

  • check the fan that accelerates warm air, and clean the blades of adhering debris;
  • inspect the tube through which the hot stream passes and remove the blockage accumulated in it;
  • restart the machine – let it stand off for about 10 minutes, and then reconnect to the outlet.

What drastic measures are needed?

After the above steps, restart the washing and drying cycle. If dHE error code LG washer dryer continues to display, then the equipment needs maintenance.

Repair of heating elements

Repair of heating elements LG washer dryer

The heating element may overheat and fail due to a poorly rotating fan or a clogged duct. If the temperature rises excessively, the electronics automatically interrupt the drying process and the dHE error lights up. The cost of the heating element is $ 33-$ 70.

Fan debugging

Fan debugging LG washer dryer

The fan periodically needs to clean the impeller and the screw on which the pile is collected. But when the blade breaks or the cooler fails, a serious repair or replacement of the unit is required. This can be determined by a representative of the service center, as well as a master with experience.

Fix a temporary system crash

The dHE error occurs if the loop is damaged or the control board is damaged. To avoid malfunctions, it is necessary to connect the connectors and restore normal signal flow. In addition, you need to inspect the controller on the control unit and check the conductive paths. In case of defects, they are soldered or changed, depending on the condition. The price of the main module ranges from $ 150 and above.

Author: David Hoover