LG washer error code 1E

When the 1E error code appears on the display, LG washer reports water problems. Water slowly enters the system, or not at all. Many users confuse error 1E with IE because of the similarity in writing the numbers “1” and the letter “I”.

LG washer error code 1E
LG washer error code 1E

What does error 1E mean?

The error indicates that the LG washing machine does not receive water for a certain programmed period of time (usually 8 minutes). In this case, error code 1E can be caused by simple user negligence, as well as serious malfunctions that require qualified intervention.

How to fix the problem on your own?

  1. Check for water in the plumbing system. Perhaps the water is temporarily disconnected throughout the house.
  2. Ensure that the water taps are fully open. If not, open the tap valve all the way so that the water flows normally and error 1E no longer appears.
  3. Inspect the inlet valve blocking the flow of water into the washing machine tank.
  4. Disconnect the strainer, clean and rinse it, as it may become clogged.
  5. Check the condition of the hose. It is possible that it is pinched, clogged, bent or twisted.
  6. Unplug the washing machine: unplug the cord and plug it into the power outlet after 5-10 minutes to reset error code 1E.
  7. Check the pressure in the water system. Perhaps the pressure is low, so the water flows into the tank very slowly.

Qualified assistance

It is also possible that there are malfunctions that require radical measures, skill and knowledge. Therefore, you must contact a specialized service center. Signs that this already needs to be done are malfunctions:

  • inlet valve;
  • pressure switch;
  • control boards.

It is from these malfunctions that the normal flow of water into the washing machine depends.

Broken water valve

Water valve LG

If it does not respond to the signals of the central module (does not open), then water does not enter the tank. When the valve is slightly ajar, water flows, but in insufficient volume. The solution is reinstallation. Its cost in the assembly – about $ 40.

Faulty pressure switch

Faulty pressure switch

It is also called a water level sensor because it detects the amount of water in the washing machine. If the sensor tube is clogged, it is purged or washed. If the sensor is not dirty, but the error 1E still appears on the display, the sensor is changed, after checking its serviceability.

Damaged electronic controller

It is located on the control board and is responsible for pouring water into the washing machine. In the vast majority of cases, this part is subject to repair. It is only necessary to re-solder the burned-out relay and triac controlling the valve operation, as well as restore the burned-out tracks. If all else fails and the 1E error code LG washer continues to display, the control module is replaced. Its cost is from $ 150 and above.

Author: David Hoover