LG washer error code E6

If the LG washer displays an E6 error code each time it is turned on, then the equipment will not start in any mode.

LG washer error code E6
LG washer error code E6

What caused the error E6?

First, it should be noted: an error occurs only in top-loading washing machines. Due to this error, the equipment mainly fails to run the selected program for the reasons:

  • overheated engine;
  • a stuck object that prevents the drum from spinning.

That is, error code E6 means an increase in the temperature of the electric motor.

How to solve the problem at home?

  • Sometimes an alarm can be false, so you need to start with a reboot. Unplug the cord, allow the machine to stand for about 10 minutes, turn on the power again. If the electronics fail, everything will be solved by itself and the E6 error will disappear.
  • The next step is to check the tank. If a foreign object is stuck in it, it means it prevents the drum from rotating normally. Inspect the inside and remove jammed items. Pay particular attention to the water openings and bottom clearance: they may include hairpins, invisibles, paper clips, buttons, and so on.
  • Another measure is equipment shutdown. Just wait about 1 hour for the engine to cool, and then try a test run. If the error code E6 is connected precisely with the overheating of the motor, it will disappear as soon as the unit cools down.

Qualified repair

None of the above helped? Then you can try to solve the problem on your own.

Debug wiring

Debug wiring LG washer

Sometimes LG washer shows an E6 error code due to poor signal transmission. This often happens if there is a violation of the electrical circuit. To restore contact, twist and insulate the broken wires, and firmly insert the terminals into the groove.

Eliminating defects board

Eliminating defects board LG washer

Damage to the control module can also cause an error code E6 if the corresponding zone is affected. The reason is the ingress of spray and moisture, which provoked the failure of the microcircuit. Therefore, if the engine has a normal operating temperature, try soldering the tracks and replacing the problem controller. Nothing helped? Then change the control unit. Its price is from $ 150 and above.

Engine replacement

Engine replacement LG washer

It is performed by the service center masters. However, due to the high cost of the electric motor (128 $ -170 $) + cost of work, it is better to think about the advisability of buying a new washing machine. An old washing machine, can be sold for parts by a repair shop

Author: David Hoover